Journey of Preparation and A Gooood Beginning

The title is not typo nah. It's really THAT goooood. :)

Whole semester of suffering and torturing has come to an end to review the performance:


Yesterday after finish swallowed the last chapter of Modeling, I tried to put in some more Imaging stuffs to my brain.

When I hold the notes up, I started to shiver. When I read the first word on the note, I immediately put down the notes and kept it stay away from my sight.


Because one word from imaging come in = one word from modeling go out. Sigh since when the usage of my brain is so limited it can only stuff one thing at a time? -___________-"

Anyway, the process of preparation for exam is so frustrating and tiring, I bet most of the people who read this must have experience of this already, so need not to elaborate much. SO, during those crazy hours, I did some crazy things too...

^Kampung girl style anyone?

^Chun Li style anyone?

Everyone in the house freaked out when they saw me coming out from my room with this kind of hair styles.

Their comment:"CONFIRM Lim ni sakit otak.... Apa dah jadi dengan kawan aku ni hah...."

What so wrong about the hair? Cute what!! =p And I was considering to tie my hair like that for my first paper. And you think I'm THAT crazy?

And, another important element in helping me to prepare for the exam is: .....

of course

So last week I went to The Store with my family =.= to buy Food stock!

And their comment....

^"Beli makanan macam baru nak masuk awal sem...."

Well that's me lah. I find it so hard to memorize the notes without chewing something or having something in my mouth.

^SO lolipop is a gooood solution. =)

Chewing on the candy for 15 minutes, then chew the stick for hours. Good for note memorizing but bad for gums and teeth.

And, about the gooooood beginning, this morning I took my first paper. I can say, I answered smoothly with only minor confusion and uncertainty. Well I'm not really sure how big the chance is to score this subject, but I did my best already. Anyway, it marks a goood beginning for the final exam, so just hope the rest can be as bliss as today is. *finger crossed*

So, I think I should award myself with a slightly better lunch... Thus....

^Pizza hut =)

Ada jeeee alasan kalau bab2 makan ni...

:p Suka hati aku ah~

Random pictah time:

Few days ago, our hostel has this photography session for the final year students. So everyone dressed up nicely (limited to upper body), make up and stuff. My eyes were brutally molested too :( (Adik put eyeliner on lah wtf)

^My lopo and me, posing in front of mirror.
Just look at the matching pinkie tudung and blouse. Yikes!!!


wowowiLLiam said…
u really can eat a lot...
i saw mr.YB yesterday, and asked him: "how was our paper??"
coz, i knew he would be in excited state to mark our paper and his reply was:
"so far so good" *smile* smile*

so, lets hope we score well, btw, we did our best already... hahaha

but.. kindda worry with Design... *sucks*

design = X_X = dead meat!

*Nee* said…
@wiLLiam, I treat that as a compliment :)

@Su, HAHA!! That is good!! Don't worry about design, it won't be so bad one...

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