Short Trip to Pauh

Once upon a time, in a rainy morning, everyone was so damn 'excited' kononnya lah to do their FYP, just to find the labs where the equipments are stored were locked, and none of the technician guys were in the lab!

Then only we knew, everyone went to Pauh, where our University campus is located. So we have no choice but to wait at the Instrumentation lab to waste time.

By the time we almost gave up waiting, Puan Robi who is one of the PLVs said they would be back after lunch time, but we were not allowed to stay in the lab because no one was 'guarding'.

Having no place in the nearest radius to lepak, I said to As and Adik:"Jom lah pergi visit Pauh!"

Convoy with Cik Mai's light blue Chevrolet Aveo, we followed a new route, crossing Kampung Pauh something and bypass part of the 'highway'. It was a new route that none of us knew it.
Bak kata Adik:"Kalau tak konvoi dgn diorg mane kite nk tau ade jalan ni?? =)"

Once we arrived Pauh, the first person we bumped into was En Megat. As usual, he made a joke which made us kecik hati and feel guilty to come. Anyway it's his style of joke lah~

Then we bumped into the technician guys. Everyone was surprised we came.

Ignoring them, we continued our visiting-campus journey. =)

First Impression: The buildings look dull and tak ceria.

The reason is, according to Adik, they want to make the new campus shaped like the UniMAP logo from the bird's-eye view.

^ this.

'Unfortunately' our Mechatronic campus is located at the grey side of the logo, so no choice but to get all the buildings grey-painted. =.=

^Left wing

^Right Wing

It's all grey and white, macam berkabung pulak daaa.

^Corridor of the left wing

^view from third floor to the ground floor.

Lockers are everywhere!

....and quite deep too!

^The depth is the length of my arm!

I assume if someone wants to chop me, they can chop off my arms and hide it in the locker! Haha!

^Unimap copyright's toilet!! Just in case people don't know they are entering UniMAP's toilet, that's why the logo. =.=

Cik Mai brought us to visit the Mechatronic office.

^the waiting area...

^and the counter.

The Right Wing is more haunted than the left wing.

^Just look at the corridor!

Reminds you of 'The Shining' or some other horror movies or not??

Lecturer Rooms are everywhere too! Along the corridors, behind hidden doors, beside labs etc etc. But one funny part about the lecturer rooms is that, the rooms, which are located along the corridor, are quite awkward. I don't want to say how it feels to me here cuz it's quite humiliating. hahaha

^We spotted one of our lecturer's room!

We spotted our course's labs too!

^#1 Biomedical Instrumentation lab

^#2 Biomechanics and Biomaterial lab

It's odd but, cincai lah~ We don't have the chance to feel life in new campus anyway.

^The haunted feel of the ground floor of Right Wing

^The Lecture Hall. was quite disappointed with the design, facilities and stuff. =.=

Last but not least...

^OF course lah kena posing in front of the main entrance of our school!

^And, we get souvenirs too =) Jangan jehlez~

Before we headed back to Dragon, we stopped by Kampung Pauh something to have our lunch. One pathetic-sized fish, few threads of veggie and Nescafe Ais cost me RM4.50. Bloody expensive =.= We started to wonder how and where the students gonna eat when they start studying in the new campus. Not that the campus doesn't have cafeteria, but the cafe is very small. So...

The end of the trip~

btw, I finished collecting data from 16 subjects!! Good girl or not?
Next step is to analyze data, but that is next semester's problem. Have been in the stress phase for the whole semester, I need to enjoy semester break to the max!


haiyaaa...macam umah antu jer bangunan ni huhu
Lim Huey Nee said…
Cik Mai ckp sbb xde org. Klu ade orang lalu lalang tu ok sikit kot. Haha!

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