Kejohanan Badminton Terbuka UniMAP

Last week En. Shahril FYP supervisor aka foster father asked me to be his partner under the mixed double category for UniMAP badminton tournament, and since I wouldn't be going anywhere, I agreed.

The tournament was held at the badminton court at the corner of the road near to UniMAP Kapitol Hall. The court is nice, the only bad thing about the hall is that, limited parking.

En Shahril's mother took leave to come from SP to watch her sons' game too. What a supportive mom she is! :D

We lose during quarter final, lack of training I suppose, and of course, inexcusable and unforgivable careless mistakes I've made throughout the game. Short court and serve mistakes!?!??! If it was volleyball training loooong ago, I would be yelled by my coach with vulgars and sorts ady. Haih...

^The blue shirt player is En Shahril's brother.

Anyway, I had a fun time. :) Sweat is fun! Summore can see some good looking male players, not too bad lah~


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