Langkawi trip 29/1/10 - 1/2/10

Sorry, I am too lazy to express everything in story form, so I'll just squeeze everything into picture caption, let the pictures tell the story :)

It began with 'WE MUST GO NO MATTER WHAT'. Talking about passion and enthusiasm huh~

The planning began since the first week of lecture and the trip was arranged before CNY as delay and postponing again will definitely put the trip on hold, and it is not tolerate-able because we're in final semester already!! (Yup, we've been planning to do this since... hmm... second or third year? Duh!) So, as the treasurer, Adik collected RM200 from me and Hidayah since the early semester so that we can save the money for the trip.

On 29th Jan, after the JDM class, we hurriedly went to Kuala Perlis jetty to get our ferry ticket.

^At the jetty, waiting for the ferry

^Hird was annoyed because the ferry was late. (LoL I don't know why did she do that expression though)

^FINALLY! On the ferry at last.

^Baby pillow no matter where I am.(this baby pillow is very lucky as I brought it to China too)

Anyway, there were a lot of kids in the ferry that night, so annoying and noisy! There's a kid sitting behind Adik and he was shaking her seat continuously while his parents just watched him doing it with some super mild and tasteless scolding! How come there's so many ignorant parents huh??

About 1 hour later, we arrived Langkawi jetty. We stayed at Adik's ex housemate, Mashi's house. Her mum made us very delicious Sotong Pulut.

^Sotong pulut, best served with Satay kuah

The next day, we joined Mashi's company where she was doing her LI for the trip to Payar Island, where we were going by ferry with some 300 people!

As usual, they said to gather at 8am, instead, we waited for almost 1 hour++. Other reason was because the ferry we're taking was from Kuala Perlis, so we have to wait for the ferry to disembark the passengers at the main jetty first then only our turn.

^Super sleepy yet have to wait for the ferry

^The serene-ness of the sea...

The ferry was finally arrived at about 9.30am. The journey from the jetty to Payar Island is about 1 hour. We need to take the boat to the island's jetty again.

^Finally here!

It was super hot that day, so sun block is a must! I wore two-piece summore, so I didn't want to get two tone skin color again =.=

^MUST apply sunblock!!

There's few parts of the beach that we can do snokelling. We started our activity at the 'middle' part of the beach where most people were.

There's a lot of unique and beautiful underwater habitants on the island!! First I was admiring the awesome-ness of the beach, next, I started to 'follow' some unique fishes to see how they swim and eat and everything! v(^.^)v

When there's more and more people in the beach where accidents happened frequently, I decided to shift to another side of the beach. That part of the beach was seriously and tremendously beautiful!!! Clear blue sky with clear blue sea and clean beach!! Too bad I didn't bring my camera with me.

After some time, we went up ashore to have our lunch and set off to another side of the beach for another round of snokelling. This side of the beach was less beautiful and a little dirty too. Not so well preserved :( I even saw an empty lotion tube on the sea bed. :(

^I didn't wear slippers, and my foot was pain!

^Yay jump!

^Getting ready for the adventure

^Sea turtle in action :)

^It was rocky at this side of the beach, I nearly hit the rock when the wave threw me towards them =.=

I started off again, and I spotted my other sea turtle friend. As she was not a good swimmer, I needed to 'warn' her not to go near the side of the rocky beach.

^Two sea turtles in action

^drawing closer...




^Two sea turtles swam back to shore.

^Posing on the beach

By 3pm, the life guards and island keepers started to 'chase people away'. There's one policy at the Payar island that all tourists MUST leave the island by 3pm as that's the time when all the fishes will 'gather up' at the island and the authorities want to preserve the fishes habitant.

^Look at the fishes!!

^There's mini sharks too!!

There's one BIG problem by the time we wanted to clean up and leave. They don't have enough fresh water supplies! Instead, the water in the changing room was the salty sea water! =.=

So, we leave the island with salty body and hair and everything. Uncomfortable , yet we had so much fun we didn't mind! :p At least I was lah.

^Going to the ferry. So many boat rides within one day!

^Salty and wet hair

^Communist style

^Feminine style

^Dozing off

On that night, after settling down and got cleaned up in motel, we went out for dinner and a visit to the famous icon in Langkawi - the awesome eagle.

^Look so much like Toruk!

I bet the Na' Vi would want to take this as their Ikran!!

^Never know it looks good in night too.

^Overnight in this motel. (That is just the counter, the room is at the opposite side of the road)

^On the way to Langkawi Cable Car

We stopped by at the Petronas Quay station to wait for our local 'tour guides' while walking around the yacht 'parking lots', buying some drinks and going to the restrooms.

Doing the Yay Jump in sequence:




^I'm here again!!!! like, for the third time?

That day was super duper hot, it was almost like 45 Celcius what turfff!! (NO lah I wasn't serious about 45, but it's really really hot loh). I was eyeing for gas drinks all day long!

^Waiting the cable car

^The contrast facial expression 1

^The contrast facial expression 2

Haha Adik looked so cute lah!!! Like kitten! Poor her, afraid of the freaking height.

^First platform

^Can you spot the smiley face??

I don't know anything about this at all until the two local boys aka our tour guides told us about this. Amazing!

^Must go to the bridge!!

^On the end of the bridge

^Dried-up Telaga Tujuh Waterfall

^Must calculate force and momentum of the cables and pillars and watsoever!


It seems like this 'particular' lecturer has 'poisoned' us so deep, we talk about him everywhere we go. Really beh tahan. And, thanks to his lecture about forces that include bridges, we just can't forget anything about that.

^Sky view shot

The day was quite windy too, so we could feel the bridge swaying a little bit. A little horrible.

^Langkawi (left) vs HuangShan (right) Which one nicer? ^^

After some moments for the acrophobias on the platforms, we took the ride down.

^Posing with Nik's hat

We walked around the park while enjoying the heating flame!!

Then we met the ducks' rival by the lake!

^Jeng jeng jeng~~

^Collide with each other!

^Neh~ they didn't fight.

^The hot weather was indeed unbearable.

We went to the Kuah town for some chocolates shopping.

^With lopo

We went to the jetty afterwards but all the return tickets were full!! Ironically, we've been to the jetty at least twice for the past few days!!! But none of us thought of buying the ticket earlier! Jin jia jialat. So, by all the circumstances, we spent one more night at a friend's house, and the consequence: Ponteng one class for the next day. X(

^To let our life less miserable, we went for a round of bowling. Hehe.

^Took the earliest ferry back to Kuala Perlis.

Overall, the package costed us RM164 each for to-fro ferry rides, accommodation, transport + petrol, trip to Pulau Payar (we got the cheaper package as we were following a company's trip) and Cable car ride.

My own expenses?



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