Jasmine's Wedding Dinner

Finally, she's married. :)

It was a crowded wedding dinner where there were a lot of da ren wu attended. So, we didn't have much chance to 'play around' with the bride.

And, finally I managed to re-gather with this good old friend again. We cracked so much jokes that we used to do so often during secondary school, jokes that not many people can understand nor accept, and certainly, we missed that moments very much.

Some random things that both of us do in some inappropriate moment would be: see, she's picking up my gray hair. =.=

So both of us came to a conclusion that we are more suitable to attend a wedding dinner together rather than a funeral. (Yes, we attended once together, and we were so misbehave =.= )

Managed to chat and hug kaima before and after the dinner. =) I miss her.

So, next mission: To discuss with the jimuiz about the 'evil' plan to execute in Tawau!!! Eheheh!


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