I am EMO

As per title.

Not really sure why lah.

Today's class started off quite well though, until Cik Farah asked me to see her for some 'discussion'.

First Class Honour??

If only I get 3.9 and above this semester, and if only First Class is 3.7-4.0. If it is 3.75, I need to get 4.5 this semester, which is super-duperly impossible. No need to die, but disappointed to hell that is. Sigh~ Pray hard for me nah!!!

Then came Engineering Mechanics. I would say, that En. YB hah, really get more and more naughty now. Sigh~ Well, I don't mean it's a bad thing, but his eerie smile makes the lecture seems like incredibly tough. Sigh~ Please, this is my only hope to get A, please don't break my hope pleaseee...

I passed the Referee forms to both En. YB and En. Zul as my references. Out of sudden, I have this strong feeling of "OMG, am I serious to further to Master???", and I know, OMG, that's not a good sign.

This kind of feeling aroused since yesterday when I was searching and downloading and printing the application forms for scholarships. Sigh~ Further study in overseas? Can I really carry that? I hardly survive during the 4 months in Xinjiang lah...

For one whole night, I've been facing the laptop without doing anything useful.

Then mum's advice ages ago flashes in my brain:"Don't put too much hope into one thing, else once it's failed, you'll get the disappointment so hard that you can't bear."

Ok lah mum, I listen to you.

Let's sleep!

On second thought...

....maybe the emo is because my menstrual cycle is near


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