Some quick update

I had a grrrrr-eat CNY (exclude some unavoidable nostalgic events lah). Met with relatives who usually will only meet once a year, visit relatives who usually will only pay them a visit once a year, met up with long lost friends!! :)

My Langkawi trip's post still pending because the more I wrote, the more I realize I need to explain, so the post would be quite draggy. Darn.

I've been in Tawau for two and a half day now. I'm having so much fun (including the hiao part). The bully-groom-and-hengdai part was quite disappointing because they were not sporting enough lah! 8 tough guys vs 4 弱不禁风 girls. Not fair! =.= The Nobody dance failed, yet the calligraphy writing and singing part was good though. They patched their mistake by doing the 'Nobody' number when we went clubbing last night, so OK lah~ Anyway, I still want to put in the videos and pictures of them kena bullied.

That's all for now. The wedding dinner will be at 7pm later, so I think I better get some rest although am in the tired-yet-cannot-fell-asleep mode. We went back from clubbing at 2am 'this morning' and woke up at 8am for dim sum breakfast!! Jialat not?


Mir said…
owh, lim..
sorry for this very late wishes ;p
Happy Chinese New Year :D
May you have a great year ahead.
Lim Huey Nee said…
Tq tq :)
Amir Basrun ke ni?

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