Good girl

Being a good girl, I've been coming and staying in the library for two consecutive evening.

Preparing for tests and lab reports concurrently can be so mind-blending as I might mix those two stuffs altogether (big thanks to Perlis's hot weather!), so a serene and COLD place is necessary.

^My 'workstation' in library

There's some disadvantages of studying in the library though:

1. No food, means no junk food and stuff.

2. The thing about library is, it has a huge variety of books collection which we can hardly see or buy outside (and I love reading so much) - Books like human anatomy lah, world encyclopedia lah, animals, documentaries and stuff! I can spend hours in the library reading all these books! Well it's not so good as I will not be doing anything else~ :/

I feel like starting to write about the Langkawi trip, but I worry once I start, I can't stop myself =.=

That's all for now. Let's finish off all these stuff and celebrate CNY and Jasmine's wedding without any hassle!!!!


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