Flood and Some Other Things

Second wave of flood has finally hit Perlis, after 5 months! Duh~

Cat and Dogs rain were continuously visiting the town for days + water coming from Southern Thailand + overload dam = flash flood.

The water invasion was slow comparing the previous flood, but the water is rising instead of receding. Sunny weather did put smiles on people's face, but today the rain came again. Let's hope it stays constant but not worsening.

Yesterday I went out 'patrolling' the town to see the condition of the flood with aunty landlady's motorbike. Had a rather bad experience at the petrol station when refilling the fuel.

^This road was clear the day before, but overflow to the road a day after.

^Town centre. Didn't dare to cross it with aunty's motor.

^The police station is outnumbered by the flood! Police motorbikes were lining up on the road, and it's kinda cool~

^overflowed river... waiting to spill out :/

The drain water in front of my house is rising, just hope it stays that way and recede. Please!

Some Other Things:

1. Tried KFC's 'Famous Bowl'.

The price is attractive, but with the same price, I would rather have the chicken rice in town plus nescafe beng. Nais!!

2. Aunty landlady had leftover for me! :)

She boiled the soup a little too much, enough to spare me a bowl of it. Yummy!

3. New comer in the house!

It's a she, and she is 'Lucky'.

Mom said Kak Ani, granpa's Indonesian maid, rescued this little dear when she saw an aunty was about to dump her into the dumpster or something. The puppy whines so much, the humans afraid it might annoy or irritates the baby in the house, so Kak Ani had to decide to 'dump' her again, mom has a pity on her, so she took her home.

I screamed in excitement the minute I saw it after DaJie uploaded on FB. Mom advised it's not a good idea to go back home because this little dear would definitely make me want to stay home for her!!! HikHikHik!!


Anonymous said…
Awwww..ur momo is super cute!!!
Poor her,she is indeed a lucky one to get rescued by ur mom! send my kiss to lucky!! kyaaa~~!! she is super damn cute!!!

I'm waiting my turn to go to heaven so that I can pray to my God and ask for a momo too, kekkeke ^O^

tino said…
hmm...lucky gaso tiuk culik liao

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