Once in a Blue Moon

Have not been in the right mood ever since coming back from KK trip. Maybe the holiday mood wasn't over yet, or perhaps I was out of idea after the very first conference paper I submitted with the latest result.

Recently been busy of scholarship application and some other extra stuffs. They think postgraduate students are so free, we can be stuffed with whole load of other stuffs. Boring.

Went to Pauh this evening to get a referee's signature for the scholarship. En Shahril was the man. We chit-chatted awhile, but a little lack of conversation topic. -___-

On my way to get the car, I bumped into a junior who will be 'most probably' my postgraduate-mate in few months time. I sat down, and gossips started. Haha~ Women, we just can't stop talking right? :p

On my way back to cluster, I planned to stop by the Bursary Centre to get some documents done. However, I did not want to 'disturb' their preparation of going back (considering the time: 1630), so I changed my mind and went swimming!

Well, it's kinda odd for me. Anyway, I like it, but hate it later because of the hot weather that burnt my skin. -___-

Luckily there ain't lot of people in the cluster by the time I went back to get my laptop and stuffs, so no explanation for the wet hair and the absent.

I need a break again. Wua.......


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