Thai Movie Addiction

1. BTS Bangkok Traffic (Love) Story

Watched this movie in the cinema. I almost missed it because I was late going out from the house, the bus was slow although the traffic was smooth, and it's 4.57pm by the time I arrived Pavillion while the movie was on 5.00pm!

Apparently I 想太多 liao since there's only three person in the cinema hall! Me, 1 lady and 1 guy. Hah~

This movie tells the story of a 30-year-old 'desperate' lady, Mei Ly, who will go for the extra miles to get the guy of her dream. In a good way of course. I would do the same thing too if the guy is Lum, the main actor *scream in excitement!!*
too bad, there's no one as good looking as him around me, not even close -__-

I kinda dislike some part of Mei Ly's character when she's being undecided, dull and with the ':(' face, especially during the Sokran festival. Some part she made me so geram, I wanted to yell:"Oh come on just go ahead already!"

Towards the end of the movie, it made me cried too, when Lum sent her the gifts with notes on it. The guy sitting not far from me sure think I'm weird, like that also cry ah??

This is a movie that you don't really have to cry your lungs out to appreciate the touching part and getting the message and with super hot dude as the main cast.

It's a 2009 movie by the way. -____- Don't ask me why is it showing in Malaysia after so long... wa bo zai~

现在是不是很流行“剩女”的题材?到处都是讲剩女求爱的故事呢~没关系,男主角帅就好了 ;)

2. Hello Stranger








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