Bad/Rude Driving Behaviour

Note: This is a ranting post. You have been warned.

Having sufficient drive time (more than 1 year) in KB, PJ/KL, and Perlis, I must admit I have the most frustrated experience here in Perlis. And I am not the only one who feel that way!! Anyway, it's not fair for me to blame Perlisians as I prefer to ride motorbike in KB and I curse on the road while driving in PJ too.

, here, I would like to list out the most common driving misbehavior that I face nearly everyday.

1) 'Right Turn'
Ever since we moved to the new house, there is an increase amount of turning right, mostly on the traffic light turn. There is this particular road that although it's a cross junction, 99.9% cars turn right on that traffic light. Normally, turning right from a two-lane to a two-lane common-sensely should be as below:

^... ... ...right? Very simple~

Anyway, for some reason, most road users in Kangar 应该是 pay more road taxes than anyone else, because they will do as below:


You see what I mean? As if they own the road... OMGoodness...

2) 10-2 hand position on steering wheel
If you still can recall (not sure about other driving school, but mine did), this is the default hand position when we tarted learning to drive car.

In normal situation, it's still okay, but totally impractical when it comes to turning, because it uses the push-pull technique, which you are in a BIG trouble when the car has no power steering. This was why even my instructor resented this technique and simply asked us to do whatever we like.

ANYWAY, in real life, I saw not only once, but thrice!! I mean people actually use this technique to drive on the 'real world' road. Sadly -- but not surprisingly -- the drivers are all women.

There was one moment when I was totally speechless and felt funny on this driving technique. I was waiting to cross the road while waiting for a car to U-turn. The road is like a dead end and you either U-turn or turn left to go back to the main road. I felt weird wondering why did the driver need to take such a long time to simply U-turn a cheeky cute Kancil. I was like
when I saw the driver was turning her car with this technique. It's like she turned only 10 degree everytime she moved. (sorry I don't know how to produce an animated picture, so please imagine it yourselves.)


So, ladies, this is not practical at all in turning your car okay? improve!

3) Snail speed on fast lane
This is really common in Perlis. You need to come experience it to believe it. They can drive at 40-50km/h on the speed lane, even motorbike can own the whole fast lane for themselves with 30-40km/h speed.

4) 'Meaningless' signal lights
Red color signal lights - most common meaningless signal lights I've seen on the road, nationwide. It's too confusing for other road users and dangerous! Where is all the JPJ/traffic police/whoever-who-is-responsible??

5) Road bullies
I met once, and my friend met once. I'll tell my tale here.

It was grandpa's funeral, after his cremation, we sent his name plate to 佛教会. After the hassle and stuff, me, da jie and tino were in one car, going to a vegetarian restaurant for lunch.

There is two ways to go to the restaurant: one slightly big round but only left-y road; one nearer but need to 'turn right' on a busy junction.

Da jie chose the 'right turn' route, and we were waiting to cross to the opposite. Tino and I were chatting so we didn't notice the cars. When da jie finally crossed, she went:"Oops, there's car behind us..."

The Perdana, heavily tinted and modified, honked our car and followed tightly behind us. Out of sudden, the car drove past us and blocked our way, just like in the movie. A skinny Malay guy came down from the car and started cursing and assaulting us, even kicked our car door! When da jie rolled down the window to apologize !?, the guy suddenly stretched his arm through the window, seemed like wanting to take out the car key!!!

After some exchange of harsh words, he got on his car and went off. We weren't harmed physically, but emotionally slight unstable.


End of story.


Theresa said…
I agree with most of your points but I still have to say Perlis is one of the best places I have driven (and this is 18yrs of driving experience talking). The trick is to ANTICIPATE.
Live by this rule: "NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO DRIVE BETTER THAN ME". This way its less stressful when you encounter BAD/SILLY/INSANE/PLAIN DUMB drivers. Why did you think I took up Yoga, "BREATH IN Patience, BREATH OUT curses for dunggu drivers."
Also you might want to adapt my "STUPID LADY DRIVER" technique for when you want to get away with irritating other drivers. When they pass by you and look through your window, sit really close to the steering wheel and look BLUR.
Those are my Tips to Driving in Perlis :D

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