Relative Visiting Short Break Getaway

We had quite a long weekend break, thanks to Raya AidilAdha, so Mom and aunties at KB planned a road trip to Bukit Mertajam and Parit Buntar to visit my maternal grand-uncle and aunty (My maternal grandma's brother and sister).

Lim Tino came to Perlis by train, SEATING CLASS! Poor her, sat for 11 hours!!? Fetched her from the train station, went back for some rest, then head out again when the zhang beis passed Grik.

Relying on Tino's GPS, I managed to go pass Kepala Batas for the first time (as indicated by GPS to take that exit, wondering why...). When we arrived Bukit Mertajam's seem-to-be town centre, her HP's battery went off! OMG!! So we had nothing else to do but to find some significant landmark to wait for the zhang beis.

------ the 'heartwarming' reunion part ----------

Granduncle suffered from stroke, and he has been laying on bed for the last 5 years. It's really regretful that I am not aware of his condition all this while, I only hold memories of playing in his house when we were small and he was such a nice looking uncle. Some says it's the nemesis and he has to pay back all his 'debt' before passing (which reasons are not inappropriate to say it out loud here).

After bidding farewell, we headed to Parit Buntar to visit my grandma's youngest sister, who I have no memory at all about her =.=" We successfully found our way to Parit Buntar Hospital with the help of GPS, and her daughter-in-law lead us to her house (and I finally know where is USM Nibong Tebal engineering campus branch too).

She provides the best hospitality ever! First the homemade lunch, then city tour, pasar malam tour, dinner, supper, breakfast, and the list went on!! Despite the lack of communication all this while, there's hardly any awkward silence in between, especially us the young ones as we brought up almost everything we can think of.

During the night they brought us to a pasar malam, where I bought a pair of sandal. You cannot deny the 一见倾心 effect! Then a fish porridge supper on our way back. We were brought to Dim Sum breakfast the next day, where they 'stuffed' us with a lot of dim sum and fried stuff. Before leaving, ah Kim brought us to buy 香饼, which is the exact factory that produces the biscuits! Jin Jia authentic feel! Also, there' a river called Sungai Kerian that divides 3 states: Kedah, Perak and Penang, they call the place '三角州'.

I would conclude this trip as a very 'FULL' trip (quoted from Lim Tino). Due to their hospitality, I'm sure I want to go there again yay! :p


tino said…
jin jia FULL...
patu wa ko wu after storiesss....kekeke
*~Huey Nee~* said…
wow... wu after storiesss lui koh!?
tino said…
wu la, tampok.
tapi jia je wa pun bo understand, tiuk mui mi seng.

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