The Chronicle of M&M - Epi. 2

While everyone is 'bragging' :p and celebrating the arrival of their babies (yes, I am surrounded by newborns and pregnant ladies nowadays), I can only brag about my two extra furry kids.

Forever arone spotted =.=

According to friends, they have grown so much! It's like from half-palm sized up to one-palm. Up til 10th Nov, Mozzie weighs 547g and Manny 532g. The number is not quite accurate though as they struggle when I try to put them on the weight.

Watching them grow rounder and longer is satisfying, but the disappointing and frustrating part is that they still afraid of me. Although they wheek for food and eat from hand-fed food, but they still run away when my bare hands approach them. This is really saddening...

Earlier October, I noticed some black spots on their white fur. Thinking that it might because of mites infection, I prepared a vinegar bath for them, while cleaning their cage with vinegar and Dettol solution.

^Sitting at the edge of the cage...

I tried to modified their mansion by adding a second floor for them, but they don't seem to understand the purpose of the stair and the compartment, so I put it away. Instead, the former shirt tunnel was put back. They just love to play with it! Especially now that they grow so much, they have some difficulties moving around in the tunnel.

^It's like a little mice moving in a snake's stomach!

I tried a few bonding techniques that are taught on the Internet, but it still yet to see the effect. Not sure if I actually frightened them or whatever. Sigh :( The routine bonding time is available, but my patience has run out!

^The mischievous and glutton Mozzie

Lately, Mozzie has caught up with a behavior when eating: Bite the food away from the food bowl and eat at the far corner of the 'eating hall', just like dogs and cats. Not sure where did he learn/know the trick, but he does it everytime the food is served. It is adorable! Anyway, Mozzie has become more and more stressed than before. I must have scared him somewhere and sometime ago. He is in full alert even on the 'creaking' sound when I stand up from my chair. How can I earn back his trust? :(

^Manny looks at the camera!! :D

On the other hand, Manny is less alert and will more likely to frozen on the spot when he senses any odd movement from his outside world. He runs slower and more in the idle position too. It's easier to catch him than Mozzie, and he will stay still without struggling when handle. Cute~

They have a nickname too:一个,两个. I read about this joke somewhere in the Internet. It says that a man has named his pets 一个,两个. The reason is because: 当‘一个’死了,我还有‘两个’。" :D Anyway, it suits them too because everytime I come back home, the first sentence I would shout towards them and the cage would be "你们一个两个小胖子/小朋友啊~~~"

Along the way, they has some extremely cute expression/小动作 that I always can't manage to take picture of. One of it would be when they 'bundle' themselves in a ball/round shape, which is extremely adorable. Another cutest behavior would be when they yawn!! It is the cutest when they yawn while I am holding them on my body, stretching themselves and rest their head down. Too cute~

Another thing that I frustrated would be them being picky on food. They starting to eat less carrots, capsiums and some of the leafy veggies. :/ Luckily they love their hays and pellets.

I wish them good health, long life and I love them dearly.


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