Things I've been up to

1. IPCE 2011: It's Uni's 2nd Postgraduate Conference. As a Bursary co-chair, my life sucks to the max. Sponsorship, fee collection, and the awful messes, plus all the aftermath-sh*t I have to help clean up!! FML to the max (again). Luckily it's over, and our uni Bursary works so slow, I can only wait.

2. PhD transfer report: 不知不觉, it's been a year now!! I need to submit the transfer report as part of the conditions, while waiting for the viva to come. The submission date should be on the 18th, but the boss need to amend and amend again, so the final draft is still in progress. Gah~ Blame my procrastination too though...

3. M&M:

Well, what else but this two furballs who make me so occupied. Not blaming them though, they are too adorable! Except the part where they still scare of me to hell :( The most satisfying moment would be when they wheek for food! :D
Friends say they have grown so much! Good news. Recently they have some mites problem, used up one day to bathe them and clean their cage.
Never know I can be so 'routine' too - the day starts with preparing their breakfast while hearing them wheeking, refilling the hay and pellet; after I come back from lab in the evening, replacing the newspapers on their cage, sweep their poo, 把屎把尿, then preparing their food again, sometimes trimming their nails; bonding time in the night.
Although sometimes they drive me crazy, I still love them with all my heart :)

Things for the small ones:

^For my kai zai and my kai niece/nephew! :)

Lately I've been 'surrounded' by pregnant ladies! Shin, Jas, now da jie! (Oops, hope that doesn't scare my future niece/nephew away! Please please!)
Purchase a few cross stitch stuff as a gift for the babies too. Yet JR's wedding stitch is still soooo pending. LOL


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