Chuping, Perlis

Went to Ulu Pauh the other day to submit my transfer report. On my way back, I decided to try another longer route - The one towards Padang Besar as everyone said it's nearer to go to Padang Besar, and I was too bored to be back to lab anyway.

The road was quiet, no much vehicles around, and the scenery is definitely breathtaking.

About 5km later, I reached a roundabout that says I've reached Chuping, the largest sugar cane plantation in Malaysia.

At the next roundabout, the right junction is to the sugar production factory, and I decided to give it a try.

^Milestone for a sugar factory! How cool is that~

It seems like the road is purposely made for the factory itself as there is no other buildings or anything along the way. I must say the view is superb!!

^Work here everyday with this view must be a bliss! (The square thingy is the factory)

There's few motorbikes came and went while I stopped to snap pictures, they must be wondering what did a girl do here all by herself...

Although it's bright daylight, it's kinda creepy too to be at a place so quiet. So off I went back out to the main road.

Still, the scenery is to die for!!

Wow it's like I'm back to Xinjiang's vast green field, minus the sheep, lambs etc... I couldn't get my eyes off the view while driving, which was dangerous even for the slow traffic.

I'm happy for the nice view :) Even happier that my viva for phd transfer is successful too ^^


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