Sweetest Little Thing

I saw this youtube the other day, cried; downloaded it, still cries no matter how many times I watch it...

Being in a situation where the kids around me are all over iPad, iPhone, Android, Angry Bird (so freaking sien of it) etc etc etc, this cute-st and sweetest little thing brights up my day a lot.

This video also reveals there's a lot of different kind of people in the world too. There's actually people who commented that the kid is spoiled by her parents. Seriously? I don't think a spoiled brat will cry over a trip to Disneyland; they will only frown on the 'cheap' presents and request for a higher-end stuffs. (see how much I prejudice over spoiled kids...)

Also, through my 'discussion' with Theresa at FB, only girls can own this kind of cuteness. :)


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