Paris Caroline Skincare - Review

The previous review was written in Mandarin because there's some 'emotional' contents that I feel can only be expressed truthfully in Mandarin, so pardon me for those who can't understand them.

Having an acne-prone, oily plus a little sensitive skin makes me a very very dull girl. I have been searching ups and downs for years (!!) for that perfect set of skincare products to, not ease, but at least minimize the problem. In time, I did find those effective ones, but the stubborn, ignorant, self-indulgent face of mine would literally get immune of it and the problem arose, again, and again, and again. I was seriously fed up with it.

I tried to avoid making eye contacts with the sales person on the skincare aisle in supermarkets and pharmacies because the first comment from them is really harsh :( Not to mention how much it hurts when the facialist commented about my skin problems as if worms are coming out of it... :(

Until one day, when the then current product, Nutox, was nearly finishing, I decided to try out other products, searching through Hada Labo and stuffs, and I came across this thread in Providing the gigantic information given by Chloe, the seller, and the numerous amount of testimonials from the customers, I decided to give it a go (while burning a big hole on the pocket)

I bought the basic set:
1) 2 in 1 purifying cleanser
2) Skin astrigent
3) Refining cream
4) Freebies: Milky scrub, acne cream mask and UV cream

The pictures of the products, before and after thingy can be referred on the previous post.

I would like to say, my face finally find its true love. In just one week, my forehead is smooth as airport along to the nose part, less pimples (I mean, NO pimple at all up to the day), and the acne active zone, the chin, is clear of zits and acne too!! I tell you I am very shiok loh right now!!

The best tip ever is to do mask everyday. As the 2 in 1 purifying cleanser is the creamy type of cleanser instead of the common foamy type, it is suitable to be used as mask. I use it everyday from the first day I got the stuff, and it feels really smooth and clean afterwards. Just apply the cleanser to the face, leave it for 15-20 minutes and wa lah! *MAGIC*

This set of products also busts the all-time myth about scrubs and cream based thingy are not suitable for oily skin. I would say, it depends on the product itself. The scrub I got in the freebies group has very fine grain (or something) in it, so it does not 'hurt' or maximize the pores. And also, although the refining cream looks oily, but it absorbs quickly into the skin after applied, so no problem about the oily effect and stuff. It's just great! Best thing of all, is when people around me notice how my skin condition improves.

Last wish: praying hard that my skin love the products forever after~~


Anonymous said…
Huey Nee Lim said…
Hi anon, I found a latest seller who 'still' selling it in FB, Eve Beauty Shop
She is having a Mother's and Father's Day Sales now, go check it out ;)
Anonymous said…
thnx for the reply hun. hopefully u will update your caroline review n your skin journey too ^__^

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