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It's been awhile since my last 'perasan si ai bin' movie review. One of the reason to be I seldom watch any movies lately, and I couldn't get any good idea in writing one. So here it goes...

1. Repo men

CK talked about this movie the other day following our conversation about Justin Timberlake's 'In Time' (I watched neither movie at the time), the similarity of the plot and the effect of casts' in the movie.

I get the copy of this movie from him, and after 1-2 times he asked whether I have watched the movie, being paiseh and afraid of missing a nice movie, I decided to spare a leisure Saturday evening for this one.

Oh boy this movie is just superb!! Studying Artificial Organs subject in one of my Degree semester makes me appreciate the concept of replacing our damaged organs with an artificial ones to sustain and improve our quality of life, so I am totally fascinated with the idea.

Anyway, 'The Union' in the movie, the company that sells these artificial organs (or in short term, artiforgs), put in extremely high interest rate - for the profit purpose as they won't make any money if the customers pay in full. When the artiforgs past debt due, the repo men (short term for repossession men) is sent to reclaim the artiforgs, usually leaving the customer to die lah. Remy (Jude Law) and Jake (Forest Whitaker) are the best repo men the company ever had.

********** Skips the spoiler ***************

Movies tend to have some unlikely simplified and short names for the companies or corporations. For this one, the corporation is called 'The Union'. Goodness can it be less creative?? I like the concept of this corporation is running (supplying artiforgs) but hate the part when they make money on it! (Well, that proves I'm not a business kind of person huh?)

Jake in the movie is the last type of friend/colleague I would ever want in my life. His intention of wanting Remy to keep the repo men job has gone wildly wrong when he rigged the defib unit, causing Remy an accident which requires an artiforg heart replacement and following by the ridiculously skyrocket debt. It's not like Jake is helping him pay his debt or anything, and it appears Jake selfishly wants to keep Remy in the front line with him, without even care about what is his friend's problem and all that. That is NOT what a person would do to his self-claimed best friend!
(OK I seriously hate Jake...)

When Remy couldn't perform in his job due to his emotional feelings towards the victims, and Jake was all 'Man you are totally different than before', this is the part when I insanely yell to Jake on the screen (as if he could hear me... Duh~) : "Dude you don't know anything about having an artiforgs and huge debt in your hand, shut your holes!!"

I do love the part comical touch when Beth is having her knee cap replaced at Little Alva's place.

Here are two situations I would rather die if I am... :
1) ... Beth. Although the upgrades in the artiforgs are pretty amazing; seriously, so many artiforgs inside me just freaks me out, not only the amount of debt to bear, also the pain of searching black market replacement!

2) ... Remy at the end of the movie. He suffered a severe brain damage after Jake hit him with a hook, and Jake (FINALLY) paid off his account and put him on an M.5 Neural Net system, allowing him live the rest of his life in a dream. Living in a dream is quite a good idea, out from this chaotic life, but being a half dead person is just too sad, I would rather die!!

It's a nice movie, bonus points for Jude Law's handsomeness and accent, sound so sexy! :p Going to look for 'In Time' too as IMBD's rate for 'In Time' is 6.6 while 'Repo Men' is 6.3.

2. Last Holiday

I was pressing through the national TV channels on my mini TV when I saw Queen Latifah on the screen, with a neatly tied bun and decent outfit, talking to LL Cool J. Thinking it might be a good movie to pass time with, I settled down to the channel while applying mask.

I missed the front part of the movie. When I got into the movie, Georgia Byrd (Queen Latifah) was diagnosed with a terminal illness and given only three weeks to live. She withdraws all her savings and do all the craziest things she had never done: flies first class, stay in a US$4k Presidential Suite, eating the finest cuisines, helicopter rides, spa treatments and lives like there's no tomorrow.

It's not a big movie, but it's an enjoyable one to watch. Nice~


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