The Chronicles of M&M - Transportation + Temporary Accomodation

Not sure if it's right for me to say they bring me friendship luck or something, but ever since I keep them, I've known a bundle of friends who have been asking me out so often, home is just a place for me to sleep, and I begin to feel the 'exhaustion' and miss home so badly... IN Kangar. (Is not so keen to go out when I am in hometown...)

One of the 'BIG' problems of keeping this two furbrats is the transportation and temporary accommodation. As they getting bigger now (Moz measures at 885g and Man 750g), they need more space to feel comfortable when I bring them balik kampung with me. Hence, I come out with this idea:

^Blue, smaller one is for transportation; Black, bigger one is for temporary cage

^From heaven to hell!!

But this cage is definitely much much better than the box that I used to carry them back once; better ventilation and all. Plus point is it's easier to clean!

Last weekend I went back home again for cheng beng, but since it's only three days and I went back by bus, there's no way I was gonna tag them along. However, the black cage is definitely too small for them to stay, I combined their dining area with the cage. (Anyway, stupid me for not taking pictures of it, so just use your imagination...)

By the time I got back, I was greeted with this...


They seem happy enough as they are wheeking and jumping and popcorning for food. I have nothing more to ask than a pair of energetic furbrats (although they still hate me touching them :( )


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