Movie I Watched

1) Real Steel

Lim Tino 'threatened' us to watch the movie together as she would delete the movie afterwards without even letting us to copy whatsoever. Cruel SonnanaBeach LOL. So there we were, settling down in the couch and watching this movie together.

The beginning of the movie is a little dull, especially during the times when Charlie (Hugh Jackman) was in the 堕落 state. Unbearable to see. As the movie goes on, things start to progress: the father/son relationship; the making of fighting robot etc etc. Who doesn't like fighting robot??

The last part is really really cool, the match between Atom and Zeus. Tino asked us to go for toilet break, this and that because "You simply cannot miss the last part!!", and she is so darn right! The final battle is superbly awesome, and I bet you can already start imagining me being all excited, swinging my fists back and forth.

Anyway, the threat was a false alarm. She watched the movie for 4-5 times, and she's gonna watch it again, which I can simply guess so. Delete? LMAO nia... :w

2) Wrath of the Titan(s)



1) 原来神是靠人民对祂们的祈祷而获得力量的 (说我无知吧...我真的不知道)
2) 那每次人家祈祷时,那些神的耳朵里就会总是听到‘碎碎念’,难道都不会觉得厌烦吗?

3) 既然可以一插就把Kronos杀死,当初为何不酱做咧? (我没看过Clash of the Titans...)

4) 天啊,这么可以让Zeus, Poseidon和Hades都死?编辑不怕触犯那些希腊神话爱好者吗?

5) 在最后的画面, Perseus和Helius在讲话时(有review说他们那个画面很勉强做作啊~~) ,Perseus说:"你是Perseus的儿子,Zeus的孙子"...我接:"Kronos的曾孙子; Poseidon和Hades是你的叔公; Ares是你的叔叔; Navigator是你的表叔 etc etc etc"

6) 一个大火人,手一挥就喷出整加仑的岩浆,是怎样生出人类长相的Zeus,Poseidon,Hades呢?

7) 到头来,生气的好像只是Kronos,所以题目应该把Titans后面的‘S’去掉 :)

再说,you-know-who-you-are,要我说多少次 Sam Worthington 就是演Avatar的咯...不由得你不接受啊~~

3) Battleship

After reading reviews on IMDb, I had the feeling to advice others that when you are planning to watch this movie, 'don't take it too seriously', because when you do, you will get pissed when...:

1) ...when a loser becomes a lieutenant in a couple of years after be tasered by police for breaking into a convenience store for a buritto;

2) ...when those old veterans posing all over the USS Missouri;

3) ...when you see Rihanna (the only reason I can think of for putting Rihanna in this movie is to make female NAVY looks cool! ...where they really are cool and I respect them for protecting the country. *No offense*)

4) ...when one of the five high-end Alien spaceships collides with an orbiting satellite, and when those Aliens decide to 'park' their ships on Pacific ocean;

5) ...when the Aliens blow off the Cruiser (in the same time killing Stone) but fail to destroy the rubber boat which is so near to their ship and even walking on their ship;

6) ...when... etc etc etc...

The list above is based on the reviews from those greatly disappointed with the movie.

In my case, this movie is entertainingly good. The CGI effect is good, the battle thingy is good, the Alien's 风火轮 and bottle-shaped bomb are cool!!


tino said…
yeah...delete liao! JIN JIA WU YIA!
Anonymous said…
Ok~~ He's the one..

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