The Chronicles of M&M - OKU in the house :(


I am so freaking sad...

It all started with his abnormal behavior. The ever active and energetic Moz suddenly went silent and stood still with head down on Monday evening, even when my hand approached him (Yeah, after 7 months of owning them, they still afraid of me). After grabbing him out of the cage and inspect carefully, I saw a grey cloudy layer on his left eye, something like a cataract. Stupid me of not being cautious enough to send him to the vet, I decided to stay put and see how things go.

On the next day (Tues), suddenly the defected eye has pus all over it, and it looked nasty. I hurriedly ran to the Jabatan Veterinari Negeri (State Veterinary Department) to ask whether they have treatment experience with guinea pig. With a yes, I sent him in to see the vet.

By the time the vet looked at him, he shook his head and said:"Sorry, the eye is totally defected..." I was like:"He's blind!?!" :-(

When I asked him if there's anything they can do about it, the vet stated that surgery is one option, but as they don't have the skill here in Perlis, there's a possibility that they have to take his whole eye socket out, and even died of massive bleeding. In total shock, I could only ask if there's anything I can do to ease his pain. The vet showed me how to wipe off the pus, and asked me to buy Neodeca eye drop to apply on him, and also a quarantine since it might be infectious. I was so shock I forgot to ask about when to apply the drop, until when do they need to be separated etc... :-(


^After :-(

My heart hurts so bad it bleeds!! *CRY*

The problem that I feared most has finally come: Quarantine.

After I took him back from the vet, I quickly re-modified the cage so that both of them can have an equally spacious room to roam around. Bought a new water bottle for the other cage, but ceramic bowls are the tough one to search.

ManMan is proven to be the smart-ass prison break culprit. He noticed the 'Berlin Wall' in between him and his brother, so he tried all his mighty way to breach the wall and get over to the other side of the cage. He can jump over a 30cm fence without any assistance! I mean, it looks kinda tall for his size but still...!! Luckily he doesn't injured himself.


...that smart ass dude tried to bite off the fence!

Anyway, the blue board is there to totally block his jumping way and prevent him from another prison break mission.

Fortunately, every cloud has a silver lining. Although the vet said there's possibility that his appetite and behavior will be affected by this deformity, he still eats, poops and runs around like he always do - so far. Funny thing is that when his goh goh tried so hard to reach him, he roams around like nobody's business.

^...and he sleeps with eyes closed in the bright morning! :-) Looks so cuddly...


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