A Series of Unfortunate BUS Events

Balik kampung again on Thursday night for 清明 grave cleaning day. Everyone was weird about it as they usually did it before the actual day (4th April). Anyway, there's a saying of 十天前十天后 ten days before and after about the grave cleaning duration, so it's excusable.

I must have strike the extremely bad luck with buses lately. The previous one happened during my BIL's funeral, where for the first time in my life, I have to catch the bus from Kangar to Alor Star because of their stupid system!!!

This time, it's even worse. Here goes my dramatic as usual Seconds-From-Disaster version of story re-tell:
9pm, Kangar. The bus arrived at Kangar bus station. I got up, feeling weird and annoyed with a swamp of children gathering at the front and back of the bus. Bus 90% full.
9.40pm, Changlun. The bus was filled to overflowing of passengers with tickets and those tumpang. The bad news came, when the driver announced that our bus ROSAK and he would send us to Alor Star to catch the replacement bus. Worse part came again, when my phone started alarming of low battery.
10.30pm, Alor Star. Got off the bus and waited rather patiently for the replacement. The bus station was crowded, noisy, and smelly with the smokes of buses and other stuff.
12.30am - 3.30am, Alor Star. The last bus to Kuala Lumpur leaving the bus station at 12.10am, leaving us the wanderers waiting disappointingly. The lights started to shut off one by one (not all, fortunately); fewer and fewer people at the station; it's getting cold.
Worst part came, when my phone's battery gone completely flat in the middle of conversation with a buddy. This got me frustrated as I 'warned' her about the low battery and we still chatted for a long long time, and stuff like 'How am I gonna inform dad later?' arose immediately on my mind. The usual me - blaming other people first before myself; bad bad behavior.
1.00am. Rather than sitting and waiting hopelessly, I roamed around the station, hoping to find at least one functional socket for me to charge my phone. I did, in the waiting room, and sat there to charge the phone and guard my stuff while watching short clips on my portable dictionary.
3.30am. The freaking replacement bus has finally arrived. It was 'attacked' by a swamp of frustrated passengers, who wished to just get the hell out of there.
10.15am, Jeli. When I was still dizzy of tiredness and sleepiness, I heard something like 'the bus is going to ROSAK again', and the bus suddenly turned into an oil station, took a big turn to park and engine OFF! GREAT!!! I was tooooooo freaking tired, frustrated and disappointed, I decided to just call dad up and asked him to come pick me up.

Insert 9gag Fuuuuuuu emotion here please.

So freaking frustrated.
1) What is the point of sending us to Alor Star and made us wait until late night? (90% of the passengers on that day were female, and it's a full house!!) Yeah, you might say "it's easier to pick all of you up" What-ever!!
2) What is the point of sending another replacement who cannot even send us to the destination??

One thing is good of this series of the unfortunate events - at least the bus didn't broke down in the middle of nowhere.


Tonight I'm gonna catch the bus of the same company back to Perlis. Pray for me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee......


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