Movie I Watched - Environmental Theme

Went for movies last weekend at Alor Star with a 'new found' you-know-who-you-are buddy. :) It's a movie marathon, and also an animation movie marathon, and also an environmental theme movie marathon... blah blah... Anyway, here goes my humble nonsense movie reviews:

P/s: it's been 3 weeks after I watched these movies, so they are basically under the test of 'how good their impression is to me', totally review ah~

1) Seefood

One of the common problem found on local production film is that, they want to squeeze whole lot of elements into one single movie. I found myself checking my watch every 10 minutes because of the bland and not-so-intense conversations and scene, plus I did something I never would have done while watching movie: chit chat.

The eel-like thingy and the army of long-legged crabs are totally out of the picture. What's the point? To take revenge on Julius, that 双重性格 whitetip shark? and the 'double face' stingray too. I was so clueless of their existence, I kept on 'threatening' to eat them up!! Yup, that moment I was imagining the mouth-watering crabs and ikan bakar!!

As the movie tries to emphasize each and every characters, regardless big and small, every characters seem big and important, on the other hand everyone seems not really important anyway. Pup, Julius, Julius's koncos, that octopus, that sea turtle aunty, that stingray, those eel and crabs, those chicken etc etc etc. Too many, too random, too complicated...

Still, I do receive the message. Pollution is doing great damage to the ocean; eating shark fin is cruel; whitetip shark has multiple personalities (大误!!); 不要得罪魔鬼鱼,鳗鱼和螃蟹;不要得罪鸡!;etc etc... 整个大乱来...

Conclusion: it's ok and entertaining, but I won't watch it the second time.

2) Dr. Seuss' The Lorax

Colorful, cheerful and plastic-ful.

Thneedville (LOVE to pronounce the name), the plastic town, is colorful; The original world outside Thneedville is colorful; the characters are colorful. The whole movie is splashed with full buckets of vibrant colors.

Like I used to say, whenever wherever there's human kind, the environment takes its cost. Greed and selfish are the things that help destroy the nature. I hate the Once-ler, his family, and O'Hara.

However, I feel something is missing there. The idea of getting the truffula tree doesn't impress me, because it's an act of Ted to impress his crush, Audrey. Yeah, he does it out of love, but still!! After he goes to meet Once-ler, listens to his tale, saving the seed etc, that's when my heart melts. The message is there, and it's obvious.

If you think you are color blind, you can test your eyes by watching this movie ;)


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