Sick Sucks (Update)

Exactly 3 weeks ago, I woke up in the morning, feeling all sick, sore throat and body ache.

Ever since then, I had trouble sleeping for the first 40 minutes because whenever I lay flat down, my throat gets itchy and the series of lung-pounding-throat-echoing cough starts. I have to find any way that I can to prevent the cough, which one day I resorted to sleep on my arm chair instead, at least I felt better as I wasn't lay flat and my upper body tilted a little.

I had tried all kind of modern and traditional medicine to cure the sickness, which they do show some effect on the sore part, but the cough is still around.

So I am now proudly to say that, I cut off ice/cold drinks for 3 weeks now (...almost, coz there's 1-2 times I forgot about the cough and bought iced drinks, which resulted in some more coughing). It doesn't really that bad though, and that makes me realized that I can actually survive without cold drinks.

Current mode: refraining cold drinks and try to feel good every single day~


Coughing is one of the most miserable sickness symptoms that everyone would try anything just to make it stop. Since my cough is on and off, and rather annoying when it happens while I try to sleep, a friend shares an urban 'internet' remedy for me to try out. Most of the explanations on the internet are in mandarin, so I am so kind-heartedly to explain about the preparation of the remedy.

All you need is an orange, salt, chopstick or any utensils, bowl and steamer.

Based on the pictures above:
1) Wash and soak the orange for about 20 minutes to get rid of any 'unwanted' materials and chemicals and all-those-scary-little-things-you-cannot-see-with-your-naked-eyes. You can also soak it in a salted water.
2) Cut the orange into about 1/3.
3) Grab some salt.
4) Spread the salt onto the orange, and poke the orange a little with chopsticks or forks or etc to allow the salt to immerse into the orange.
5) 'Cover' the orange.
6) Put the orange into a bowl and make sure it stands still, put it in a steamer, start clocking when the water boils, steams for 10-15 minutes.
7) After steaming, drink whatever residue that is in the bowl. (I did that, but if you are freaked out with the 'scary-little-things' on the skin, just skip this)
8-9) Peel the skin and eat the orange.

My comments: Well, the remedy does help as I coughed lesser during the night and I slept better after I started eating the steamed orange, and the hot orange is a good way I can eat fruits because other fruits make me cough :(

Downside: It's difficult (and hot) to peel the steamed orange. I did not find the taste of the steamed orange weird or bad though, the weird part is eating a 'hot' orange LOL...


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