London Olympics 2012 - Badminton & Other games

I believe all badminton fanatics (and DLCW fanatics) eagerly anticipated the final match between Lin Dan and Lee Chong Wei, and you have your own after-match feeling and expression and comments, so I leave it for you.

I watched the match at Har Ji's place, another badminton kaki and fanatic. It's fun to watch it with badminton group/pals, there and then you can learn and discuss about the way of playing better badminton, and admire how awesome their skills and consistency are...

A friend asked whether I am disappointed or unfortunate about LCW's loss. On my POV, that loss is regrettable, especially the rubber game, but NOT disappointed. LCW played definitely better than he was in 2008 Beijing Olympics, and this time, his facial expression was way better. So many times we could see that LD frowned, sighed and yelled disappointingly when he did mistakes, but not to LCW. He looked calm, focused and determined.

Anyway, things that caught my attention are the after-match comments on the Internet. I felt extremely pity for Fish Leong because all she did was sending her blessings for LCW, but that caused a major upset in mainland China as they 'assume' she is a China Chinese and that she should be supporting LD. 读了都要飚臭话了!!

Then I think about it, How would Malaysians respond when this kind of things happen? eg a famous China Chinese, residing in Malaysia, earning MYR, and congratulates LD. I wrote on my FB status about Cai Yun and Fu Hai Feng defeated KKK/TBH and entering final after that match, no one bashed me about it! (Of course the main reason would be no one cares) That explains the mentality difference!


Other sports: Thanks to youtube Olympics channel live streaming, besides badminton, I get to watch other sports that the national TV would 'reluctant' to show except those with Malaysian athletes in it.

The other day, after badminton men double semi final, I watched trampoline, volleyball and gymnastics, which the first was rarely shown on TV.

However, the live streaming depends greatly on the internet connection. P1 has been rather sucky lately, and my old laptop doesn't seem to respond well with the internet! Argh! So watching replays is the better option than watching live.


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