+1 Celebration: 4th Oct 2012

*Happy Birthday to myself*

Yeepie yay yay!!! ...


Years gone by, and birthday is not as excited as it used to be already, especially there's something happened recently (birthday celebration issue, very minor stuff, but sounds kinda speechless stupid and doesn't make sense).

Early in the morning - OK not that early, 9 something? - I 'forced' my two furbrats to wish me a happy birthday.

'We wish you... a Happy Birthday...' *terrified tone*
Had a birthday lunch with SJ and WW at Secret Recipe. Tried the pan-grilled dory with lobster sauce for the first time, and it was nice!

Pan-grilled dory

As I was freaking full, so cake was a take-away. The staff introduced me the newly available Turkish Indulgence. The appearance is nice, and the taste is better! Not too sweet, creamy, the lower layer of chocolate is embedded with pistachios, marshmallows and soft Turkish candy. I forgot to take the picture of the whole slice, and only remembered it when it's the last layer's left, so... LOL

Turkish Indulgence
Birthday dinner at night, treat from SY - crabs feast!!!


BIG fan of crabs!!!
However, even when I only asked for crabs, SY has a really bad habit of over-order, and my instinct for the night was unfortunately right. Not only she bought 2kg of crabs, she ordered Siam steamed fish, fried rice, fried Beehoon and satay. And guess what, it's only three of us! -_-

OK sorry for the negative babbling. It's her goodwill and I appreciate it very much - SO I literally ate only crabs and a few spoon of the rice, beehoon and fish. ^^

Look at the color of the 蟹膏!
But... I'm not fancy about it. Yeah people has been telling me what have I missed...

The meaty meat!!!
The night ended with me very full of crabs, second cake and an 'old-fashioned' birthday angpow.

Thanks everyone who wishes me through SMS, FB, WhatsApp, Line, TalkBox etc etc!!! =)

P/S: all photos are taken with Sony Xperia S, and I love it so freaking much!!!


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