For The Love Of Speed Trap

Recently there's hot news circulating around Facebook and word of mouth about the speed traps installation all around the country. Rumour has it the number of speed traps installed in Klang Valley alone is 200++!?? Duh~

In addition, rumour has it that the speed trap installation is to 'boost' the number of summons, to cover the financial holes 'they' have been digging all this while allegedly (a nice vocabulary learned from White Collar)...

So, in my long distance driving time, I have be nothing but a decent and rule-follower road user. The speed is within the limit, except some short distance of over speeding, especially the Sungai Dua-Juru road. Come on you have to back me up here... How can you stay 90km/h there right? LOL

Along North-South Highway, I kept it 100-110, and since there was heavy rains along the way, speeding is dangerous! Still, I hate the 'brakers' - those who drive at 100-120 and brakes at every slight curves. I mean, just release your accelerator pedal and let your car cruise along lah~ Wouldn't this safer than constant brakes?!

All in all, my motto is 'Steady and Safe' =)

Let's just hope that motto wouldn't get me speeding tickets -_-


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