Hi New Bye Old: Xperia S(exy)

Bought a Sony Xperia S with an online trader, GneX, after a prolong consideration, research, surveys, and financial re-adjustment. Purchasing something worth RM1k++ freaks me out and makes me paranoid! Finally got my hands on the phone last Saturday, seller was very cautious in packing the item because I had troubles opening it! :)

I excitedly tearing up the package while Ah Loong looked over

It's my first Android phone, and I get so nervous and excited at the same time. Almost 5 days of using it, stressing it all out (play with all the 'offline' apps at home, play with all the 'online' apps at work via WiFi), I must say, I finally understand what do they mean by "when you start using a smartphone, you have to expect a battery charge at the end of every day".

I don't actually know what to show about the performance, but I can at least show ... pictures?

Who else can there be when I need models for my phone?? My two furry cowards of course!!

Moz looks terrified, as usual

Mannie looks clueless and prison-break in mind, as usual

Me, posing for a blog post about hair care thingy
Cross stitch project for Jasmine!! (Almost 60%)
 The pictures have noises here and there, but for my standard/level, it is good enough. Picture quality taken during night time is a little off though, but I can survive that~

Some picture editting appy that the seller installed for me...

Overall, the graphic is *great*, the operation is smooth (on ICS), etc etc etc. Love it!!!

p/s:  No, it's not a birthday pressie from someone special, or someone at all.


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