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The idea of this post is based on a blog I read once, where she wrote about how many products used as part of her daily skincare routine.

Besides hair, another proud achievement of mine would be my skin/face.

Ever since puberty, my skin has never been in the tip top excellent (or even just good) condition for as long as I can remember. Mom, being the casual type, would advice me to wash my face with tap water ONLY and apply Hazeline ONLY. So she's not the best person to refer to.

Now, miracle happens!! ^^ I love my skin so much, I can look at the mirror and smirk =)

This is the skincare regime I have been sticking to for the past one year, and the result is superb!

Day (from left):
Hada Labo AHA/BHA cleanser, Hada Labo Moisturizing Lotion, Konjac Sponge, Paris Caroline Juvane Skin Defender, Biore UV Perfect Face Milk SPF50+

Paris Caroline deep cleansing milk, HL AHA cleanser, P.C. 2in1 purifying cleanser, HL M.Lotion, DeCharme Lightening Purifying Essence, Front:Konjac Sponge, bedak sejuk

Every-two-days routine:
Bonus: P.C. Milky Scrub, Oslee Clear Spa Sleeping Mask
You can read the review for Paris Caroline products here, with one extra product included - deep cleansing milk as make up remover - sunscreen; and one product off the list - refining cream, it's too oily for my skin. So far, my paid-off investment of P.C. products are milky scrub and 2in1 purifying cleanser, especially the latter that I cannot live without, best companion ever!!

Cleanser and toner are two things that's been bugging me this whole time, as I try to look for alternatives besides Paris Caroline (kinda pricey if you ask me, though the superb results). The Hada Labo Moisturizing Lotion is, for now, the staple toner as it is not the usual alcoholic kind of toner, and my skin loves it (so far). Whereas the cleanser and pre-cleanser, I'm still looking for the cheaper alternatives.

Moisturizer wise, I started using Juvane Skin Defender recommended by Chloe the P.C. seller, and the result is promising. It is less oily than the previous Refining Cream, it absorbs, and as a good base for sunscreen. The DeCharme Essence is recommended by the beautician 芬 where I did my facial, and it helps control the acne breakouts and smoothen the skin. Anyway, as it can get very tingling and itchy especially when I am under the sun even after applying sunscreen, I change it to the night routine. It still works charm.

For the sleeping mask, as I am not a big fan of paper mask, I prefer gel or mud-form mask. Since I already have my daily light mask (beloved PC 2in1 Purifying Cleanser that is!!), I opt for sleeping mask. It's my first time using Oslee's product, and so far it works the charm, but I guess I'll change brand when this one finishes. Naruko perhaps?

Bonus, ever since I started this regime, my skin is less oily (really really less oily compared to last time), smoother than ever and no more strawberry nose!! ^^ Anyway, facial helps too, but can't afford it too much, and since my facial 'contract' is over, we'll see how my skin reacts without facial...


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