House MD - Final Season

OMiGosh the Vietnam trip blog is soooo overdue :/

Forever slowpoke, I have just finished season 8 aka final season of House MD. My feelings: it is a little too solemn and 'fresh' to be the last season. 

I discussed the series with labmate Atun, and I agreed to her point about they shouldn't introduce new casts into the series since it is the last season. That's what I mean by 'fresh'.

It is not really the same House MD I felt like the previous seasons. Ok there is Chase; Taub who I never liked; Forema, who has become Dean of Medicine, and feel totally different from who he was in the previous episode. 

Lack of Cuddy is a definite feeling of absence, it just so different. I read a comment in IMBD few months that the commentator suggested the best season finale to wrap up the series would be Season 6's finale (where House and Cuddy finally being together), and I couldn't agree more. That is like the best thing that can happen to House, although the episode was completely devastated. 

Quote from Wilson in special episode 'Swan Song':
The fun is in watching them struggle. The fun is watching them struggle not getting together or maybe getting together or thinking about getting together. Actually being together might not be much fun.

The whole Season 7 revolves around the case of 'Huddy' getting together, and it's quite tormenting.  

 By that, I would like to say, 'Thank you House' :)


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