The Chronicles of M&M: RIP Mozzie & Welcome Mojo

This has been a little while now...

27th Nov, Tuesday:

Woke up a little too early in the morning, went for a pee, sneaked back to bed.

9AM++, decided to wake up 'thoroughly', sneaked to their cage, and saw lil Moz lying still in his favourite half-transparent tunnel, not moving at all.

Called him for a few times, when the big M freaked out and walked passed him (literally stepped on him) through the tunnel, and he didn't even dodge or get up to scold at big M, I knew something wasn't right.

Stretched my hand into the tunnel to shake him and call him - not moving. My heart stopped a beat.

While frantic big M ran round and round in and out of the tunnel stepping on lil M, I quickly took out a box, picked lil M out from the cage, and placed him inside the box.

This is the same box that the seller use when I bought them. That day, they were so small size the box was only half full, both of them hid under the shaded side. Now, it's enough only for lil Moz alone :(

Before I covered him with a blankie, I stroked him for the one last time.
His comfy fur - fortunately I bathed him a week before;
His big fat furry tummy - he would always bite a piece of veggie and ran away like a dog, and ate yummyly under the shade;
His head and nose - he would always stay still and let me 'torture' him with my strokes and touches.

At this moment, my heart ache so much it bleeds :( Quickly closing the room door, I hid inside the room, holding him, and cried :(

After calming down, I sealed up the box, went to the back of the house to look for a suitable location to bury him.

*** *** ***

For the first few days, I was worried big M would feel too lonely as he was so used to a companion beside him, and as he is the playful one, a playmate is strongly required.

I was in a dilemma too whether to find him a buddy or to put him up for adoption.

I lured around and few FB guinea pig pages to see if anyone wants to put their piggies up for adoption or I can buy one in the north.

Finally, I struck a deal with a seller in Sg. Petani, selling her 5 month old piggie for RM50 (Told mom about it, and kena scold because she said it's quite expensive)

Introduction phase is new for me, and frankly I was frantic and freaked! Separated both of them for one week; they stayed in separate cages, I put the cages side by side so they can sniff each other. All the wheeking and purring and minor fighting were too much for me to handle Arghhh!

After one week, it's time to put them together (easier to serve food and cleaning). I must say, the new boy is very aggressive! He rides on big M so frequently, now big M gonna taste what he did to lil Moz LOL.

It's been almost a month now, so far so good. I still miss lil Moz, and this new boy is as cute as lil Moz, so I 偏心 again...

...and you my friend, your name is Mojo


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