Weekend: Girls' talk, Engagement and Fitness

 Actually, this was last weekend's activities, but I was unknowingly busy with stuffs and whatnot, my blog was totally neglected -__-

Last weekend was both hectic and fun with girls activities!

Theresa's husband wasn't around for the weekend, so she asked us (Lee Jynn and I) to overnight at her place as a company. That Friday, I was not in a good shape as I was in the massive headache (yet I still went for badminton. It was so much fun yo with all those hyper energetic guys!!). Reached her place, had my supper, popped a Panadol, and I was literally tipsy while hearing them chat, so I excused myself to go to bed.

The next day (Saturday), we went to Alor Star for some girls shopping. Honestly, I was such a bad shopper lah~ It was quite a rush as we needed to come back to Kangar for our Zumba buddy, Aimi's engagement party. It was raining cats and dogs at about the time we needed to get out from the house.

Aimi was so beautiful!!! I wore the peachy long sleeves Ao Dai (Vietnamese traditional clothes) because the bride loves it! I found the dress a little troublesome because of the flowy long front and back flap, and the rain and wet floor were the biggest enemy. I wouldn't bother much about the back flap, but placing the front flap at the correct place is crucial as I would either sit kangkang with the flap in between my legs or put it aside to reveal the pants (which is not revealing at all because the silk is good one).

I never been to a Malay's tunang before, and since we missed the ceremony, all we could do was take pictures of their hantaran.

Later that evening, Tessy and I attended another meaningful event - the aerobic session for the disabled athletes conducted by Mama, a fitness instructor in Kangar. The event was held at Dewan Belia dan Sukan Kangar.

The event was participated by mostly the paralympic athletes: vision-impaired, hearing-impaired, speech-impaired, limbs-impaired, wheelchair-bound etc etc. We was very much impressed by the attendance and even more respectfully admired the enthusiasm they had while doing the aerobics despite their limited movement. We were having so much fun in the crowd!

At the end of the event, both of us was repelled by the things able-bodied people say when it comes to exercise:
"Too lazy to go lah~"
"Too busy to go lah~"
"I dislike sweating lah~" (Yes, I frankly heard this comment before)
"I would rather go to sauna or facial then sweat in an exercise~"
etc etc etc...

Shame on you!!!

I had Dominos' as dinner at Tessy's place, and OMiGosh I found another chatty box who I can chat any kind of topics with!!! :p

...and THAT was on Saturday alone! LOL...

Well, Sunday was a little of driving. Went to blood donation campaign at a local temple, my BP was good, my ninth donation was successful and I received 5kg of rice in my goodies bag!
(OK some people find it 'normal' and no need to be so 'surprised' about receiving the rice, but well, that still wins among all the goodies bags I had received so far!)

By afternoon, I drove all the way to Sungai Petani to fetch my new guinea pig. That dude is five months old skinny mix and he is so small compared to middle built Manny. More stories up next in 'The Chronicles of M&M'.
...soon, I hope...


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