Shirlyn: My First CNY

p/s 1: I, the blog owner predict it's gonna be quite a long text to talk about this giant baby, so I separate the CNY post to two, one for my general activities and another one solely about HER!!! ^^

p/s 2: An announcement to make: from now on, Shirlyn would be called 'Little One' on my blog, and we agreed (not too much 热烈反应 from her mom) to call her 黄馒头 XD

p/s 3: Yup, this is another Shirlyn as the narrator post... Enjoy :)

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Well well well, it's my first Chinese New Year! :)

A week before CNY, grandpa was gone for two days, and he's back with third aunty aka 三姨 aka Jaws-y ('Third aunt' sounds like shark or jaws in Mandarin).

It's been four months since I last saw her, I wasn't familiar with her already, and obviously she wasn't either. We went through some ice breaking session but I was so very much confused with her phone and camera shutter sound, so she couldn't take any of my smiley face.

That night, I decided to be a good girl and sleep in early at 10pm, but I was awake by mom's phone ringtone, and I couldn't sleep! Flip and flop around the big bed without worrying I gonna knock myself on anything hard while keeping mommy and aunt busy!

12am and I still wanna torture mommy and aunt! ^^
I fall asleep after mom fed me, and next thing I knew, it's bright and shine. I woke up, saw an unfamiliar silhouette laying next to me, I was frightened so I cried, waking up that unfamiliar human. The person tried to pat me back to sleep but Oh No ma'am I am NOT going to stop crying until I feel safe!! So the person carried me up from bed, brought me downstairs and outside for some fresh morning breeze, but still I am NOT going to put up a good face for this!
I wake, I soar, I pout
After breathing in some fresh air and watching the dogs playing, I was calmer, and realized that unfamiliar person was actually Jawsy. She tried her best to cheer me, so I gave her chance lah~ Especially after bath and nap when I am recharged and hyper! ^^ Anyway, I only had one day with her and mom took me back to Kebakat that night.

On CNY eve, we had a reunion dinner at the EYE Seafood Restaurant. The boss gave me one angpow :) I wore the red polka dot dress grandpa bought.

I arrived late evening at KB house on the first day of CNY. I wore the pink Ao Dai dress yiyis bought from Vietnam. After whole day of visiting relatives and traveling, I was so tired and grumpy! Thank goodness KB grandma gave me a bathe and changed my clothes, so I was recharged again! :)

Kebakat grandma made laksa on the second day of CNY and she invited the relatives to come over, so this day I had to stay home and in-charge of the cuteness department.

During the CNY week, I would drop by KB house occasionally and spent time with the aunties.
I love looking at cameras and phone cameras! ^^ Everytime when aunties tried to take my picture, they only have to make a little weird sound and I'd laugh and laugh and laugh! Above was xiao yiyi brought me outside the house with naked buttock and she covered me with cloth diaper ONLY!

Since I have very thick hair, it could be a trouble managing my hair, especially after I woke up from cradle, my hair is so messy I look like an old man with bad hair day! So this day, after bath, Crocodiley (aka 二姨 aka second aunt, it sounds like crocodile in Mandarin) split my hair line in the middle, but I was tooooo concentrate on the toy I didn't bother to look at the camera...

Sometimes, the fringe can be bothering too, so my front hair part is tied up to show my forehead. See, the coconut ponytail showed a peace sign ^^
Xiao yiyi let me wear the dolphin hat she bought from Ocean Park, Hong Kong. I had so much fun time with it! :D

Overall, it's not such a bad one, especially when I am as cute as this, nobody can resist my cuteness!!!

That's all I think. Til then, see you~~~~


Anonymous said…
Funny...giggled when i read it.

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