KL Weekend Getaway with Love

LOL yep this happened waaay before CNY...

Before you ask, the 'LOVE' refers to my dearie friend, Hoon Shien, my besties buddy for, what, 15 years and counting!

The trip planning started since my birthday, when she SMS-ed wishing me happy birthday and updated me some of her 'shocking' life events. Back then, she was still working in Perak, so I beria-ia wanted to visit her as I 'promised' I would do that for few years she worked there. Of course, it didn't come true as she was in the process of transfer to KL.

Few months later, we chatted again, and she sounded upset, so I had to make the trip happened. And so I did.

Took the latest bus to KL, 11.30pm, but the driver didn't seem to care about the speed limit, I arrived KL at 5am!! -___- Please note that Pudu station is NOT open until 5.30am, so if you arrive early, you have to stay outside with the rest of the group - no worries too, I had a whole bunch of people waiting outside at the ungodly hours.

I stayed at her place in Cheras (a place I never really like, no particular reason why. PJ is still my all-time fav). We had an awesome conversation, a part of which because my stories were so much more interesting LOL! YOU know what I mean...

Our first day's stop was BTS (Berjaya Times Square) area. My automated human GPS skill worked charmingly as I strolled along with her from Times Square to Lot 10 - this fellow doesn't even know BTS and Sungei Wang are soooo close to each other!

I had a great shopping time in BTS, as you know, they have all these super cheap women apparels. I spent RM200++ on this day alone.

This pile worth RM200++
As for Shien, her money was all spent on baby clothing when she visited H&M to buy some baby clothes for her cousin, Fei Fei's baby. She said,"This baby better make sure she loves me because I spend so much on her!!" LOL tell ME about it!

Spent our night at the movie, 'Hansel and Gretel: The Witch Hunter'. I was surprised Shien doesn't know about the story. I was like,"WHAT!?" Then there was this trailer about 'Jack and The Beanstalk', and I was amused why fairy tales has become the subject in the movie world now...

Sunday was all Midvalley-and-Gardens-y. Met up sises there to consult the smartphone youth rebate thingy - not me, it's Lim Tino as she wants to buy new phone. Before meeting them, had my first visit to Uniqlo, and tried the skinny jeans that was in promo, RM49.90 each, came out empty-handed. Bought an Enchanteur perfume in Guardian, after being persuaded by the sales girl. Shien rolled eyes on me and said I'm too easy to persuade lah! Yep, guilty as charged. I even had this comment that sounded like a jungle girl's first visit to town:"WOW even Guardian here is so much better than the up north's!" LOL Northerns please don't kill me.

The smartphone rebate deal wasn't going as smoothly, but I ended up buying a top from Isetan. I must say Isetan sales is craaaazy! It's even crazier if you have the Isetan card! Such a good bargain for top notch quality! No wonder 'someone' is so into Isetan sales.

The weekend ended pretty 'informative' and entertaining. I was personally contented as the CNY baju hunt has ended :)

The CNY pile


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