CNY 2013

Pre CNY:
1) Did a DIY hair dye again this year, using the same Liese Bubble Hair Dye but tried a different shade of color - pinkish range Cassie Berry. Decided to do it two weeks prior to CNY is because by that time, the smell would gone and the color would be more obvious, so the timing is just nice~

Bought the box at The Store for a dirt cheap price, RM26! (Retail price would be RM32++) Then only I realized the manufacturing date was on July 2011, so I leave a note on Liese's FB page for enquiry, and the rep said there is a life span of 3 years for all Liese products. Since my scalp doesn't feel any discomfort yet, let's just touch wood and hope it doesn't comes with any side effects in the future.

Anyway, the first wash after dye (and on photo too) showed a very distinct reddish and pinkish shade, but as time goes by, the color started to be blonde/yellowish. I must have not evenly applying the bubbles evenly this time again, the color on the front part (forehead until the middle of the head) is very obvious and the back is not so. My eyes tell me the shade looks pretty much like my previous dye, but everyone said it is different, distinct and I look great!! Thank goodness I have a bunch of honey-mouthed friends :D

2) Balik kampung on Wednesday, as dad had to fetch me back on Wed, went to KL on Thurs, fetch sises back on Fri. He deserves some sort of a 'Best Dad in The World' or something, doesn't he?

Thank goodness I have a good neighbor too. Ah Ting jie jie from next door borrowed me her large portable cat cage to accommodate the furbrats, so I don't have to worry about where to place them during the first day and the rest of the CNY.

Babysat Shirlyn for one day before she went back to 'her' house on Thursday night. I have so many pictures of hers to show, so she kind of deserves a separate post LOL.

Our house has extra occupants now. There is this bitch (OMiG the modern slang has made this word sounds so rude) luring around our neighborhood for quite some time, befriended few of the stray dogs and our family dogs. Story quoted from dad, one day she suddenly disappeared for days, mom and dad thought she must have been knocked down by cars or something, but one day she suddenly appeared at our house with one puppy. Dad assumed she wanted to 'test' us whether we will be willing to accept the pups. Mom was OK with it, then the next day, she brought in another pup. Mom started to build some simple shelter for them. The next day, she brought three more, so total five pups! The puppies' feature is unique too. The bitch is a short-tailed, and each of the five pups has different tail length - from no visible tail to a very awkwardly long tail. CUTE!!

Middle one is the bitch
Unfortunately, on the day I went back, mom noticed three of the pups were missing, the three which, according to dad, are the cutest among the five. CURSE YOU CULPRITS if the pups were stolen, and CURSE YOU BIAWAK if they were being eaten -_- Both can be the cause as my parents have seen cars loitering around our house checking out the pups, and mom saw a super-sized biawak the other day too.

3) SICK!! ... nearly... I had some head spin and mild throat discomfort on Thurs, it started to make me worried as I didn't want to repeat what happened last year (terribly sick from second CNY onwards). Tried to look for the instant Chinese herbal tea Ho Yan Hor 何人可凉茶 but no result until the CNY eve, mom bought packed herbal tea too for all of us to drink. Mom dragged me to clinic on CNY eve too in case it gotten worse, so I was on antibiotic on the eve -_-

4) Had dinner at Sun Too Restaurant and bumped into our Machang cousin. They paid our bill, which was much more expensive than their meal.

CNY Eve:
Had reunion dinner at the EYE Seafood Restaurant with Da Jie's in-law. This year, we had something to busy of on the table - the baby!! ^^

My first lou sang of the year
Day One:
As usual, steamboat at our house. Unlike last year, we had a 'fearsome' Lim Er Jie around, so whenever we got lazy or slow, we would constantly get scolded by both mom and her LOL.

A golden praying mantis on the tent

Everything was as usual as ever, but there's one different though. Some relatives would give us lump sum amount of angpows (4 in one time) for everyone's ease. This year, some would give four, but the fourth is for the little one ^^

Tried on cousin's Vibram FiveFingers
Little One came over at the evening, a little grumpy because of all the traveling and visiting and stuff. She wore the pink Ao Dai dress we got here when we visited Vietnam. After bath, she was back to the happy adorable Little One!

Day Two:
Went to Little One's house at Wakaf Bharu as Da Jie's mom-in-law made laksa. The traffic to-fro KB-Wakaf Bharu was no joke!!

Got a little grumpy and eye-rolling as dad, as usual, hog Little One as he thinks he's the only one can 'handle' her and he's the only one B ever wants/needs, and we got bored, and the medicine started to kick in. -___-

Went to Min Shin's place with Kenny as he has to leave KB the next day.

My kai zai!! Isn't he adorable ^^
Day Three:
Mini gathering with Pheng, Qian Yi and Shin Yee at Hayaki Kopitiam. The weather was not good as it started raining since the morning, and I got one stuck nose. Each and every one of us updated our life events (mine being the most interesting LOL), and I started to have watery and swollen eye from the stuck nose side. NO GOOD!

Had some car driving around the town 游车河 as I sent Yi back to her house, lepak at Shin Yee's in-laws place, back to pick up Yi, to my place and lastly to Pheng's place. The traffic was terrible because of the rain, and a flu-like symptoms made everything worse. Fortunately I have my besties around, although I was in a daze from time to time because of the stupid flu.

Had roti tempayan for dinner with parents, went to Tesco for some shopping and then to clinic (AGAIN!) for the flu. Slept through the night thanks to the flu med.

Day Four:
Went to grand-uncle's place in the morning, and slept through the evening because of the flu med, again. Little One came by for the day and had great time with her ^^ Went out for family dinner by the riverside. Did the mud mask sis bought from NZ later that night.

Day Five:
Went to the secondary school teacher, Mr. Law Awang's house for his daughter's wedding luncheon. I was not invited, I just tagged along with Min Shin and her hubby who were invited LOL. Met a lot of long-time-no-see teachers, both primary and secondary schools, but I was toooo shy to greet them in case they can't remember me and I don't know what to talk to them! Takkan wanna...
"Hi Sir/Madam. I was in your class in Standard/Form ___." "Oh? Hi. How are you?" "I'm fine thanks." "What are you doing now?" "Oh I'm in the miserable PhD state." "Ah PhD. Good Good :)" ":)"
-_______- *Awkward*

Mr. Law Awang is a famous teacher back when he still teaches, and he is an active member in the associations and clubs in KB, so in this luncheon alone, I bet 90% of the Chinese teachers in KB, and maybe even 90% of Chinese KBians was there. I was even spotted by one of the lyn forumer, but I didn't know who he was. *creepy*

After the lunch, we went to Way Ting's place (Min Shin's cousin, my friend too) to see her newborn baby girl. This girl has the exact mommy look! Lepak at Min Shin's place afterwards along with their cousins and Loke's other godmother LiLi. The couple made us fried and grilled pork, and I won RM10 from gambling HeHe...

Day Six:
Another mini gathering at Shien's place. My memory has failed as I took the wrong first turn, and luckily I didn't go further inside as I noticed the surrounding is wrong. Had to ask directions from dogs LOL!

Chatted til the end of the world, I practically ate everything served on the table and non-stop eating - the trademark I suppose, and we strolled to the river bank for some photo shooting. The view was stunning! If I am to wake up every morning to see this view, I am so blissed :)

Did some jumping shots, and guess what, two shots were successfully taken in the first attempt! Good job girls!
Shien's mom made fried rice, nuggets and keropok. Had lunch, ate few more round of CNY cookies at the dining area and something funny happened. At one point, Shin Yee said,"Oh Shien you rear birds in your house?" and all of us including Shien were utterly shocked when we saw a black skinny chicken standing upright on her sofa behind us while Shin Yee pointed at it. Shien screamed, I blocked the chick's way and didn't dare to touch it, and Pheng dauntlessly grabbed the chicken and threw it outside. LOL!!

By the time I got back, Little One was sleeping in the cradle!! ^^ Took an evening nap, went out for dinner at Keng Som. We bought dad a birthday cake since we will not be around on his birthday, and Mr. Lim was delighted as this year he has the Little One to celebrate with him.

Day Seven:
Last day at home. Packing and loading stuff in car, had a lot of play time with Little One.

Day Eight:
Back to reality~ Powerbank has worked its wonders as I can endlessly play games and read comics without worrying the battery capacity, despite its size - 20,000mAh, the size of XPS, two times heavier. Reached Perlis at around 6pm, technically brought along the rain as it was raining in Perlis, the house was so dusty after one week of abandonment, I cleaned my room and the house until 12.30am.

Day Eleven:
Uni friend, Fwen Hoon held a CNY BBQ party at her house.

Gentlemen at work
 I was literally luring around the 'burning site' for the mouth-watering prawns, sotongs, and especially corn.

Then we had a 'big plate lousang' together. Ended the day with few rounds of Chor Dai Di.


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