First Perlis ZUMBA® Party

Yikes it was a event on the 17th and I am so overduuuuuuue!

Theresa organized the first official ZUMBA® party in Perlis, more specifically, Kangar.

Things were getting quite chaotic months and weeks before the show because of many issues and circumstances, involving human being and stuffs. I wasn't being helpful enough on selling the tickets, so I felt terribly helpless -_-

Went back hometown few days before the show, and I couldn't join the ZUMBA® party in Alor Star (the first too). I was super jealous when all of them said the party was super fun!!

The venue was at Putra Palace Hotel. On the day, we went early for the setup and whatnot. Us girls helped out at the registration counter, while Tessy went around, very busy!

..:Fast forward:.. Party started!! Tessy introduced the instructors of the day, all nine of them, on stage.

Being a ZUMBA® party quite-frequent goer (self-claimed mind you~), some of the instructors and their step has become more or less familiar, and it's still so much fun!

After settling down the registration counter, I went to the less crowded part of the hall and gone crazy!!!

...Even crazier when you have buddies who can be as crazy as you are!!! LOL

Too bad Tessy had to 'babysit' the guy who controlled the song play and sound system because he would skip the songs even before the song ended, which was totally mindless!

Had a short break after an hour of craziness, fried bihun, fruits and sandwiches were served. We had some fun when songs during Tessy's dance fitness classes time were played.

Second half of the party, I was in the edge of tiredness from over-excitement LOL, so I had to take more breaks and continued with over-intensive moves again.

Party ended at 1pm. Us and the instructors had lunch at the oh-no-I-forgot-the-name Malay restaurant and the food was yummeh!

Besides the hot weather, I would say everything was a blast!! ^^


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