'On Leave' Notice

I hope someone out there is concern about my blog, and if there is, here's an announcement for you...

I need to take a break on my blog for now, as I have my PhD research to focus on. 

Had a 'hati ke hati' discussion with my supervisor, and, he, as kind and gentle as usual, earnestly urging and advising me to seriously focus on my project and not to waste any more time. I admit I have wasted almost 2 years during this lonely postgraduate journey and it really needs to stop now.

We had plans lay out for the next few months, and based on the new gantt chart, I should be busy doing my work starting tonight, but here I am, writing this so-called announcement that few people would care. LOL. 

Prof was soft spoken the whole discussion, even when filling up my progress report. He kind of like a psychic who can read through my mind and sees through all my weakness and concern and stuff! So no point cheating him pun...

Told Hon about this, and he said to start writing on publication instead of blog! ... although very few people would miss me after I stop writing blog. I get a permission to write one every month, which is what I do also loh nowadays haha.

Anyway, before Hon, Mom and Prof kill me for not finishing yet, I should really really start focusing already. If got mood to drift away into this blog, I would. Really hope I can write my paper as smoothly as I write blog!! 


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