*The HALLMARK Channel*

Watched last night on the Hallmark channel.

I never expect that this kind of movie will be shown on that channel, as it is about a ‘haunting’ event..

Ever since my parents decided to subscribe Astro (ofcoz that time almost all of us were away from hometown studying out there.. Duhh~~ >.< ), and when I first started watching my first movie on the Hallmark, I love the channel so much~

You wont get a chance to watch , , etc etc those hardcore movies on Hallmark, or perhaps not even a glance of Halle Barry, Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis, etc etc those famous artists on this channel either..

I remembered the most touching story that I ever watched on the channel . This story is about a woman (a wife and a mother) who suffered from a fatal sickness with no treatment to cure and minor chance of survival. I watched it twice and it made me cry.. >.<

Well, undeniable, sometimes the stories on the Hallmark are kinda boring, but most of the stories take out a lot of moral lessons for the penonton to digest it..


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