*makan makan*

On friday night, our maths class's friends invited us for a dinner (or precisely, sahur lo, coz 10pm leh~~) near jeti kuala perlis, coz we helped them in solving the questions of the quizes and tests along the sem.. shun bian, it's bcoz of my b-day oso la..

My housemate aka coursemate Dayah handle the menu-ordering duty, so she ordered 5 dishes: tomyam soup, vege, telur dadar, sotong goleng and siakap! <<< too many liao~~ summore my stomach still upset-ing :(

Then they planned a surprise for me =) ,& actually it's not a surprise liao, coz one fella pecah tembelang first b4 we went to makan, then funnier thing happened, they planned to take the cake to the table without my notice, manatau, i turned around and saw pak an bringing a big plastic bag with a 'box' inside there... *Oh Owh..* ... ... ... OK OK, i din see anything.. Nadia came over to cover line, and cover my eyes too.. HAHA!!

Anyway, guys, tankiu tankiu!!!

我希望世界和平.. *puhhhh*

We ordered 2 fishes, as u can see from the picture above.. My table's fish was quite odd, the tail is upraised, and the mouth was ternga-nga.. So after Pak An cleaned up the mess, i played 'fighting game' with the fish head..

Plan to write something about the pizza hut night, but din get the pictures from JuJu yet, so tergendala dulu la...~

<<< This is my moon!!! Hehe~~~*


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