I salute to you, KB cityplannerSSSS

ARGHHH!!! I salute them kao-kao ah!!!!!!!!!! >.<

I sent my mum to Jalan Hamzah’s bus station, driving, on a Saturday(where cuti raya almost reach its end). 9.30 pm bus, and we went out from house at 8.30 (darn bloody early), and luckily we made a wise choice..

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It took us 25 minutes from the traffic light before the wakaf bharu bridge to Shell petrol station nearby(about 100m ahead)!!!! =________________=

Who suggested to robohkan the roundabout!? Who suggested to build Tesco at that ‘GOOD’ feng shui place!? And who the hell proposed to build Giant at the core of the bloody hell crowded town!?

Since when KB got so many cars one!?!? -______-"

PLss... never ask me to drive in KB edi(except night-time larr)... I rather be the chulu rempit girl... >.<


lee said…
those applying for a job in MPKB their resume perhaps looked like this:
highest education achivement: UPSR, PMR, SPM (barely)
special ability/talents:polishing leather shoes
soft skills ability:can smoothly flip cigarette around with their fingers


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