Mother Knows Better

I’m going to make a boring synopsis of a story here =)

Watching in the Hallmark channel.

GOSH!!! I’m so glad that my mum is not so 偏激!!!

It was about a mother who would anything just to separate her daughter and the son-in-law - at any cost~


The story is roughly like this: a girl from a rich family background fall in love with a mechanic (小康, owns a car workshop), through a newpaper’s relationship ad made up by their mothers. When the girl’s mom, Celeste finds out that the guy aint 门当户对 with her girl, she does anything she could to separate them, and ofcoz, she failed. And I tell u, she really does ANYTHING she could (made me 咬牙切齿). However, they got married anyway and made her more beh song. Until she decided to hire a hitman to kill her son-in-law, for the name of ‘protecting her daughter’. NAH!!! Pawned! The hitman she hired was actually disguised by police. So finally she ended up kena tangkap and sued. She and her daughter never talk or see each other again.

What on earth would a mother do such things to protect their kids? Shouldn’t they just let their kids walk on the kids’ own path of life on their own? Aiyer…. Is that the so-called 母性? Gosh, I wish i wont be this kind of mother in the future...

(during the show, I yelled so much, my mom asked me to switch channel… keke)


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