National Geographic & Discovery Channel

By utilizing the one-month holiday time as a student, I watched discovery channel and national geographic (which it might sound so unbelievable), not all day long ofcoz, but at least on few programmes that I interested so much in.

From the super-extravagant of the Forbidden City, to the finding of Queen Nefertiti’s body (the mummy), and the brutal events about the gladiators.

About the Forbidden City, I watched two versions of it: National Geographic version and Discovery Channel’s version. Although the NG has two parts, I prefer DC’s version more. The only name that I heard the most during NG’s version is Pu Yi, 傅仪, the last emperor of China. However, DC did a good job in narrating the history of China emperors. Now I can finally arrange the family tree during Qing dynasty 清朝: KangXi 康熙 > YongZhen 雍正 > QianLong 乾隆. And they made me so eagerly wanna visit Forbidden City after Vatican City


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