Money-saving Hair Perm

I had my hair cut 7 months after i did my hair perm and highlighting and colouring etc.. It's not a really so nice one coz she cut it abit too short (It's a nice layer style though but on the top of my head, that part is abit too short, I had the hair cut at Janes')..

ANYWAY.. My exam week had started. So, to prevent the brain lack of hard drive memory and more smooth defragmentation processes, usually i'll tie the hair up. Until then i discovered the economical way to do hair perming with my new hair cut, and the result is quite awesome~!

1st look, hair down

2nd look, hair up

Hair down again~ TaDa!

Paiseh neh, i forgot to smile :p
Even though the curl din last for long time, but it looked nice *woott*

But the hair ends are so terribly damaged due to the colouring and perming, i had another hair cut last week.. and, ermm.. not so nice, especially the 刘海 >.<
(Sorry dear, but it really not so nice..)


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