National Treasure vs Da Vinci Code

p/s:First of all, *WARNING* I might seem very 钻牛角尖 regarding this topic, but, it has nothing to do with the movies or the story lines or the main plots etc, it is just my own weird curiosity (*which* might kill the cat, and might make some of you feel that:"Nee ah, all these questionaire will make you a dull girl lar..." "wth, ppl watch shiok shiok, u so many complaint one..."). AND, even 'IF' the Book is really a fake thing, I still curious about the content of page 47.

Watched National Treasure: Book Of Secrets few days back. YES!!! It really is a awesome movie!! I REALLY LOVE IT!! And thank goodness it doesn't relate much to National Treasure 2004. It has awesome story lines, amazing plots, wonderful sceneries etc etc etc~~ and, Nicholas Cage :hugz: My idol :wub: (besides Tom Hanks, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, etc etc... ...)

... ... ...

aiks... How to start off hah?

WELL, actually, after watching the movie, i did some comparation between and .

Of course, one of the differences is that Da VinCi Code has books while National Treasure don't (i think... ... =_=).

From Da VinCi Code (the book), it does stated out some real facts. For example, The Priory of Sion is a *real* organization. All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents, and secret rituals are *accurate*. (which make me very thrilled of visiting Vatican City once in my whole life!!)

How about National Treasure?

Let's started with NT 2004. Does Charlotte the ship really exist in the north pole; The hint at the back of the Declaration of Indepence leh? (I have no doubt about the history of US's independence, just curious on the *hint*)

NT2: Do the Resolute Desk(s) really exist; The President's Book leh; The amazing underwater City of Gold aka Cibola underneath the rock at Mount Rushmore leh; The wordings on the Statue of Liberty leh... ... ...

Ok, until now, i think almost all of the NT's fans will wanna track me down and kill me, but, again, this is all just my own weird curiosity. AGAIN, I have no doubt regarding the US history thingy, and i don't think they will change things that already happened in the past; and, AGAIN, this is nothing to do with the plot of the movies!!

Last word: If you have Dan Brown's Da VinCi Code, please look at the page 'FACT'. *All descriptions of artwork, architecture, documents, and secret rituals in this novel are accurate*


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