The End of RPA Day

Since I have written a post about RPA thingy in Mandarin, I think it would be better for me to write a post in English in the sake of my readers who can't read mandarin. *Ahem*

Fyi, 31 students from Xin Jiang, China come to UniMAP to take 6-month English courses and further their study in engineering courses or Business Management later on. Their age is around 18-22. They arrived Malaysia and Perlis on Friday and a 3-days orientation programme for them. Yesterday was the last.

Our main job scope is to become translators among the students and staffs. Being with them for these few days made my Mandarin China-dized =.="

It's been a long time since I last joined this kind of tiring events. It just made me realized how old I am now -_- !!
In the morning, our school had this presentation going on for the Master's student at 9am, a 'kehadiran-diwajibkan' kind of programme. Wake up early after a late night sleep is one of the most torturing things in one's life! Oh yeah! btw, I passed my TKD grading! I'm now red stripe ^^ *wink* I thought it would be a rather abit interesting presentations, but the sleepy worms don't want to leave me alone neh~ So Sorry Prof Yusof! I didn't mean to feel sleepy throughout the presentations =(

Finally the talks were done. When the time I reached Kg Wai, it's already 1.50pm -_- We RPA were asked to gather in KKA at 1.30pm for the next activities, so boh bien liao lo, JuJu and I have to be late for the date with them.

We went to The Store straight away to meet them. I thought they were in the middle of their shopping already. Manatau we were not late at all, instead they also just arrived there. The '=.=' look from the RPA told me that it's not their fault to be late. Haha! I didn't know that they actually divide into groups ady that will be handled by assigned RPAs, so, i just simply grab those who ask me where to look for what and escorted them to the 'appropriate' floor. A cute guy (Don't know his name =.=) asked me is there any Nike and Adidas section there. You should know my response.

I escorted two cute girls, Li Tong and Zhao Si Han. ^^ They compared the prices between XinJiang and here. Most of the items are very expensive, especially for them, as every price tag in RM, they multiply by 2 (converted to RenMinBi), and definitely is expensive. I told them about the XinJiang trip next March and threw alot of questions to the girls, and their answers made me more and MORE excited!! Haha!! Even my bulu roma stood up (O-o) The most exciting thing to hear is that 'Our things over there is much much more cheaper than here!' haha! But the time we go is end of winter, and according to them, it will be about below-zelo weather. =.=" Darn~

We rushed back KKA about 4.15pm for the next activities: Senamrobik + poco-poco bersama Datuk NC. Most of the girls didn't have track bottom with them, while only few numbers of the guys are wearing track bottom as well. When the activity started, rain started to come too. When we get 'HIGH'-er, the rain gets HIGH too~ Wow!! Senamrobik was tiring, not only for them, for me too. Summore my thigh is still aching due to saturday night's flying kick =.=" Then poco-poco part was abit sien, coz they can't catch the steps. When it comes to chicken dance, everyone gets high again! Nuff said, me too loh ofcoz~ ^^ The rain never stops after the activity. NC talked to them as some of us making fun at the back. Wang Long told me:"这一场雨把新疆一整年的雨下完了 This rain equals to Xin Jiang's whole year's raining amount" Cool hah ;)

After NC left, we took pictures and chit chat with the China kiddos. We get souvenirs from them too. Hehe touching neh~

Fan and chopstick from Wang Long

(The drawing is 西施 neh~ reflects me indirectly ^^)

*Si Ai Bin is a fatal disease*

Miniature cross stitch from Li Tong

The pictures with those kids will be uploaded when I have it. =)


tino said…
ane kin ko red tip pulok liao
*Nee* said…
kin leh~~~

lang eh examiner tai leng liao mah, boh ngiam... boh bien~

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