fuzzy day

Yesterday was my great grandparents' joh ki day. As usual, the venue was at my house. My Melor aunt and TanahMerah uncle came to my house for bai-bai. My TanahMerah uncle took cakes and red eggs and ang guh gui to our house, in conjuction of his grandson's full moon day.

My aunt's granchildren initially conquering my house. They ran around, jumped around, chasing each other around, making noises around. I think they're tempting to tear off our house! Cool~ Our house was like a typically kirdergarten at that moment.

Naked Jie was watching a cockroach -_-

Baby Yen Xing! ^^

Mei, Hao and Yen was messing around on the stair ^^

Random pictar time:
1. I was playing around with the back seat belts -_-

*Happy Birthday to Min Yee and Koh Annie*
*Happy Belated Birthday to Yan Qing (1st Oct)*

^^ My 24th is coming! It's coming! ^^

3. I'll be dating my best old friend Hoon Shien tomorrow!!! I'll fetch her at the hospital and we'll have a nice lunch gathering tomorrow! She agreed that I should write a post about this gathering and post pictures too! coz she said 'too bad Jasmine can't join us' ^^ Hahahhahahah we are so busuk hati!

4. Our house has three newcomer kittens. The mummy cat eventually gave birth at our house. Their appearance reflects the dog story that I just finished watching 'A tale of Mari and three puppies'. I'm not really a cat person, summore the kittens are kinda fierce, so I'm not really into them. Mom put a sand box for them, and ask me to toilet-train them. ME!? She never knew her daughter is truly failed in training animals.

That's it for today.

BTW, the 'A tale of Mari and three puppies' is a MUST WATCH!


tino said…
hamik lang po yen xin? mi kosi a so kosi koko?
yen xin's face = a hao + a jie
*Nee* said…
zhe diu si mi poh eh.. yi jinjia cute! boh sea hun

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