Happy 24th Birthday Huey Nee

A belated post for myself. =p

I'm finally 24! ^^

This year's celebration is rather a simple one.

I dated Hoon Shien on 3rd Oct. We chang toi kiok at Noodle's Station. She treated me drink ^^ We chatted a lot and updating each other about our stuffs. Both of us also can't remember when is the last time we saw each other. We felt very ke xi coz most of our 38 buddies are not in KB, especially Hui Pheng and Jasmine.

After that I sent her back home (forgot the road already adui =.=). Hang out at her house for awhile, then I went back home. Gosh it was SO jam!!! I took about 1 hour to reach my house which usually will take around 20 minutes only! =.=

On 4th Oct we went out together again. Her dad fetch us to KB Mall. He turned a BIG circle to go to KB Mall because he worried the usual road will be very jam.

Shien treated me Secret Recipe ^^

We didn't order any cake because the only cakes available at that time is Mango Delight, Lemon Cheese and Chocolate Banana. And LUCKILY we didn't order because I was so full when I finished my food.

It's been awhile since we shopping together. We walked around KB Mall to search for my present. We walked around the ladies corner, Shien was looking for her office clothes while I was wandering around.

And oh! I tried a blouse and took picture in the dressing room! =) It's the first time I ever did this.

She bought me a shoe ^^

Sok Eng called me when I was about to go home. I didn't manage to see her anyway because of timing problem.

After back home, I went to Min Shin's house. I thought she will make just a simple xiao cai for me to eat, so I watched Lao Shi jia Lao Da at the living room while she did her stuff in the kitchen.

To my surprise she came out with a cake and she and Min Min sang Happy Birthday to me ^^ So gan dong neh~ (No wonder they switched off the fan lah =.=)

Then I went to granpa's house to pick up Sok Eng's present to me =p

Mummy gave me an Ang Pao ^^

Present from Shien ^^

Present from Sok Eng

Ang Pao from Mummy and present from myself!!
*A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies*

Present from Min Shin and Min Min

Thanks friends for remembering my birthday!!! =)


tino said…
se jit kuai lok!!!

wa i kua hile "a tale of mari and 3 puppiess"
*Nee* said…
zhe leh weekend wa wu ki kl, yao chut ki derak oh?

li ki www.crunchyroll.com kua seng, tapi quality boh hamik ho lah... tan wa jiok li hi leh dvd
tino said…
li ti si gui lai? li ji bai 5 zaki dui ki KB....
ok ar...li kak LCC gege plan ki talok derak??
wa koleng bai le i ki pulau ketam...
*Nee* said…
bai goh zaki ki, eh boh gao..

wa bai le ame dui perlis worh... kia beh hu

bozai ai ki talok lui... siu ai chang goh... ai kua hee

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