A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies

Inspired by a true story, it's about a 柴犬/Shiba Inu named Mari, her three puppies and young owners, Aya and Ryota in a small village of Yamakoshi. This movie has the similarity of a touching true event of canine heroism in Sichuan when the earthquake hit the area. A dog guarded nearby a collapsed building where an old lady was trapped inside the rubble until the rescuers found her.

Here's the preview:

During the 'climax', I cried so hard while my mum potong steamly said:"Aiyah no need to be sad lah... Don't worry. Dogs are very strong one. They wont die one." -_-

Just wondering, when the worst-case scenario strikes, will our Lim CoCo become our hero too?


tino said…
coco a hiao kaki zao lo pun sui ho cai liao lo...keke
Nasrizal said…
good movie.. good posting..

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