Lim Guan Eng punya kisah

One night, I failed to join a talk organized by my second control system lecturer.

My friend informed him about my absence.

As usual, to make everyone's life not miserable, I asked most of my Malay friends/lecturers etc to call me Lim.

And as usual, they told him that I'm not attending because I need to attend my German class.

They said, he called me, 'Lim Guan Eng'.

Ok lar just a small matter.

Today, I managed to give him a very darn cold joke.

He is Su's RPS. So he asked Su to prepare a letter regarding the LI and student exchange thingy, and as I am involved in this matter, I joined their conversation.

I feel like making a cold joke, as there's no many people in the lab, and was abit quite, so if few crows were to fly around the lab, it's acceptable kot.

So I said:"Haiyah, wa manyak sibok mah... Kena jaga Penang lagi, kena buat surat lagi... Adui..."

His million-dollar response is superb:"Huh!??!? Penang?!?!?" (fyi, when I told hird and adik about this, hird's reaction is the same!!! hahahah!!)

My response:"Ye la... Saya kan Lim Guan Eng."

... ... ... ... ... ... *super speechless* =.=

Haha!!! superb ten-thousand-million-dollar reaction neh!! ^^ He's so cute!

*OMG! will he fail my lab test tomorrow??? Oh Shit...*


Licici said…
good nite lim kuan ying

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